EHL Success Stories: Marina Ostinelli, General Manager Switzerland at Base Aparthotels

September 16, 2019 •

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EHL Success Stories: Marina Ostinelli, GM at Base Aparthotels

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For the 6th edition of EHL Success Stories, we welcomed 8 of our Alumni to share their success. The topic this year was sustainability.

Who is Marina Ostinelli?

Marina Ostinelli (AEHL 2013) is the General Manager Switzerland in Nyon and Vevey.

Marina started her career at the Ascott Residence Group for an 18-month management trainee program, working
in Paris. Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg.

She joined the Base Aparthotels team in 2015 and was named General Manager Switzerland in 2019.

Can you describe yourself when you started EHL in one word versus now?

Young with low self-confidence vs older 😉 with much more self confidence in the industry.

What are the best moments you keep from your studies at EHL?

The SBP, the parties (of course) and the friendship you create during the 4 years at EHL.

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Looking at where you stand today, how do you think EHL made a difference in your life?

For me it was the overall experience. The education we have received at EHL during 4 years helps me every day in any kind of situation. Particularly all the team work we had to do because that prepares you for professional life.


What were the most rewarding experiences during your studies at EHL?

The SBP project where we won the “prix de la créativité”.

Tell us something that you learned at EHL and that you are using every day.

Management and savoir-être.

How do you see your career evolving?

I always had one dream, it was to become once a General Manager, which today I already achieved. From now on I would like to be confident with this new position and maybe in a couple of years to have more properties under me.

What would you advice to young people that are not sure about their career aspirations?

They should go and explore what they are curious about. There is no real rule to make a career, everyone should do what makes them happy.

Believe in you and in your dreams ! “Success is not a destination it is a journey”.