EHL Success Stories: Frédéric Rochaix, Founder of API Original Swiss Cider

December 10, 2019 •

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EHL Success Stories: Frédéric Rochaix, Founder of API Swiss Cider

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For the 6th edition of EHL Success Stories, we welcomed 8 of our Alumni to share their success. The topic this year was sustainability.

Who is Frédéric Rochaix?

Frédéric Rochaix (AEHL 2013) is the Founder of API Original Swiss Cider.

Frederic is from the eighth generation of a family of wine makers established in the Geneva region. After graduating, he spent five years working in Private Equity at UBS completing the company’s graduate training program with rotations in London and Geneva.

Following his experience in banking he decided to return to his roots and joined the management team at the Domaine Les Perrières in Geneva, in charge of commercial activities.

With Antoine Tacchini, he launched A.P.Í Original Swiss Cider in February 2019.


Can you describe yourself when you started EHL in one word versus now?

When I started EHL I would say I was infantile.


What are the best moments you keep from your studies at EHL?

Too many great moments and memories to list them all. The battles on the rugby field, fête finales and the general camaraderie shared among the student body and faculty will stay with me for life.


Looking at where you stand today, how do you think EHL made a difference in your life?

EHL was an outstanding “Ecole de vie.” The learnings were not only academic but also practical and useful in every day life. The impact has been significant and for this I am very grateful.


What were the most rewarding experiences during your studies at EHL?

Developing EHL rugby and watching it thrive was a source of great pride. It was always a great feeling to beat Glion while wearing the EHL colours, especially the hard fought matches with winning plays in the last minutes.

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Tell us something that you learned at EHL and that you are using every day.

Only two words: Savoir être.


What would you advice to young people that are not sure about their career aspirations?

A career lasts a long time, don’t be afraid to take time to travel and experience different cultures. Don’t be afraid of making the wrong career decision at such a young age, each and every experience will make you grow as an individual (and often times, the bad ones more so than the good ones). Stay humble, stay curious, don’t pressure yourself to the point of suffering.

Life is short and you won’t be forever young : Now is the time to make mistakes and take chances which may not present themselves to you in 10 years from now.

Go go go!

Photo Credit: API Original Swiss Cider


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