EHL's MBA in hospitality: A flexible management program

November 23, 2023 •

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EHL's MBA in hospitality: A flexible management program

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With 80% of the curriculum available through a novel distance learning platform, busy professionals will be given access to EHL's unique learning experience without getting sidetracked from their career.

The new MBA in Hospitality is part of EHL’s broader commitment to defining industry standards, while catering to the needs and aspirations of its students. It is also the first time that EHL is offering digital learning, demonstrating its capacity to listen to the industry and produce an academic program adapted to the latest trends.

The program is specifically designed for professionals whose time is scarce, but who wish to further their expertise in hospitality and move on to positions with greater responsibility.

The program offers the flexibility of taking anything from 12 to 36 months to complete, enabling students to maintain a professional and social life whilst amplifying their qualifications. EHL's digital education platform will be accessible 24/7 and can be used regardless of the location or the device, offering students an optimal learning experience.

One of the historical strengths of an EHL education is the emphasis on blending theoretical knowledge and practical skills. This resonates in the new MBA: each module is geared towards immediately actionable expertise to answer the latest industry needs, with topics ranging from "Performing through business cycles", "Driving hotel revenues" or "Mastering hotel financials". Two of the MBA modules require on-site presence for an immersive phase to further enrich the overall learning experience. This will allow students to not only meet and exchange in person with experienced faculty, but also with industry experts and their fellow EHL peers. Successful MBA graduates will also become part of the world’s biggest hospitality alumni network, one of EHL’s strongest assets.

After an observation and development phase, which started about five years ago, we are proud to have produced a highly relevant, interactive and flexible program. Our new MBA blends access to world-class faculty and a prestigious industry network and offers students a unique combination of knowledge and practical experience. We believe that it is the right time for the industry, whose projected growth needs to be supported by a higher number of qualified professionals. This program is both versatile and exciting, and will provide future graduates with a set of highly transferable skills at a time when our industry is experiencing important changes, explained Michel Rochat, CEO of EHL.

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The new MBA in Hospitality ambitions to be welcomed globally as the most personalized, blended hospitality learning experience. It represents another step in EHL’s growth strategy, adding to EHL’s world-wide footprint and further consolidating its position as a key industry influencer.

Applications to EHL’s MBA in Hospitality are now open


Designed to accommodate busy hospitality professionals, delivered 80% online

As a student of the MBA in hospitality, you will benefit from a holistic learning experience that combines online courses with three weeks of campus-based learning.