EHL Human Touch: A discovery of Alumni around the world

April 15, 2019 •

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EHL Human Touch: A discovery of Alumni around the world

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EHL Human Touch by Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), Switzerland In collaboration with Afrim Beqa and Loïck Batumba. Follow our two young alumni in their worldwide trip through EHL alumni network.

Episode 1: Slovenia

How EHL studies have helped our alumni to create his business?

Martin has always been an F&B enthusiast. Even before starting EHL he worked in different structures such as the Slovenian Tourism Board F&B Manager. Promoting the two things he cherishes the most, food and his home country.

Naturally, he decided to join the family catering business after EHL where he created Sora Catering Solutions, the international branch of Jezersek Catering. He is now the managing director of both companies



Episode 2: Romania

How difficult is it to settle in a country like Romania when you are from Switzerland? What are the factors that made him take this challenge? That what we will discover in this Episode.

Stéphane is a pure product of Swiss Romande, nevertheless, he decided to go on a thrilling adventure in Romania. Not only an adventure but the ultimate adventure experience as he built the “Park Aventura” in Brasov in 2008.



Episode 3: India

Mahé and Chanelle were great students at EHL. With their dedication and hard work, they could have worked in any major company in the industry of their choice but they decided to give their potential to a great cause.

They are now working for the Bodhgaya Hotel School in Gaya, a school that was funded by the EHL Smile Association. They are now helping develop the school and transmit the knowledge they have acquired during EHL.



Episode 4: Hong Kong (China)

Hong Kong (China) is the 2nd biggest EHL Stamm after Lausanne. It is the best place to answer our initial question. If an alumnus is lost with no money somewhere and he has only the EHL Alumni network to help.

Would anybody help that person with food and accommodation?



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Episode 5: Colombia

Jonathan is a born entrepreneur. Showing it during his years at EHL where he was part of the Club des Entrepreneurs he was also working as a freelancer for different startups such as KarmaGenes during his years at EHL.

When Jonathan sees an opportunity, he takes it. That’s why he decided to leave everything in Switzerland and build his own business in Colombia where tourism is expanding rapidly.



Episode 6: Mexico

Nico knew what he wanted to do since day 1 at EHL. He wanted to run the family business. A small hotel called la Casona in Mexico City where he already assisted the GM for 6 months before EHL.

During his internships, he’s seen all departments, F&B to front office and events. He’s been prepared to adopt his new tasks as a GM.

How difficult is it to take these much responsibilities from the beginning? How can he bring a new breath to a family owned business?



Episode 7: Spain

Being an entrepreneur in the Hospitality industry is never easy but once you combine it with technology, it becomes a real challenge. In Barcelona Spain, we meet Alexandre Guinefolleau, AEHL 2013 that launched Amenitiz, a centralized platform that aims to address all the digital needs of independent hoteliers. And see firsthand the complexity in doing sales for a startup.



Episode 8: Ethiopia

In Episode 8, they met an alumnus with over 40 years of experience on operational as well as corporate levels of the hospitality industry. Hans Peter Duerr is the eldest of the project, and he is a very experienced General Manager, down to earth, passionate and very AEHL.

He worked in Gabon, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Abidjan and now Ethiopia where we will meet him. Plus, he planned his retirement for the end of the year, and we look forward to discovering his fascinating career.



Episode 9: Madagascar

Dan has always been intrigued by cultural differences and passionate about people. He even was the speaker of a TEDx EHL where he talked about those differences with subtility.

Combined with his love for others and the will to help, he chose to fly to a remote place of Madagascar to help the planet and work for an NGO. He takes care of two different projects there, the first one is fighting deforestation by planting trees. The second is a chicken farm close to the village where he lives.



Episode 10: Conclusion

Afrim Beqa and Loïck Batumba reflect about the EHL Human Touch by Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), Switzerland adventure.

We followed our two young alumni in their worldwide trip through EHL alumni network but what have they learned?


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