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Connect with employers at EHL Career Fairs

Career fairs provide a valuable opportunity for job-seekers to connect with companies and find a position. These fairs can be especially important for students completing their studies. You may be able to land a great position for yourself through one of these fairs, but even if you don’t get an interview directly through the fair, these events are still valuable.

Career fairs provide an opportunity to learn about and network with a variety of companies in your area of expertise. You’ll gain experience with networking and interviewing and learn about next steps to take to get hired to your ideal position.

EHL hosts career fairs every semester for companies specifically interested in hiring hospitality management graduates. These events can help you find internship positions or part- or full-time jobs in hospitality. They are a great way for you to connect with important companies to start your career.

EHL Career Fairs

EHL offers career fairs at both of its Swiss campuses, in Lausanne and Passugg, in the spring and fall semesters. These put students into contact with top companies in hospitality and other industries from around the world. The fairs will introduce you to hundreds of companies and recruiters to give you a great opportunity for making connections and finding a position.

Whether you are looking for an internship as a student or employment, or as a recent EHL graduate who is looking for an employer, you will benefit from the career fairs. You will also come into contact with other students and EHL alumni at the school’s career fairs. This gives you the unique ability to network with peers in the industry who could provide valuable connections throughout your career.

These fairs also provide managers from hospitality and other service focused industries with opportunities to recruit top students who have been trained by a leading hospitality school. 

EHL Lausanne Career Fair

EHL’s career fair at the Lausanne campus is the biggest hospitality recruitment event in Switzerland. When you attend, you will find more than 150 companies that are ideal for EHL students. You will have opportunities to meet large hospitality chains such as Four Seasons, Marriott and Mandarin Oriental, as well as non-hospitality companies such as Tesla, LVMH or L'Oréal to name a few. Companies that attend the fair are seeking students with a customer-oriented mindset and with expertise adapting to international environments. EHL students acquire these skills during their bachelor studies, so the fair provides a perfect match with the right companies for your EHL skills and experience.

At the Lausanne career fair, companies that attend are offering a variety of positions ranging from internships to full-time jobs. You have the opportunity to go into one-to-one interviews during the fair, and you may find a position as a direct result of attending this valuable event. Also, you will experience live presentations of companies talking about their mission and vision and what they look for in candidates when they are recruiting new employees.

The EHL Lausanne career fair is an ideal networking event for EHL students who seek to gain experience working abroad. You will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops and personal coaching sessions on how to improve your resume and stand out to employers. 

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EHL Passugg Career Fair

The EHL career fair at the Passugg campus connects EHL students with great hotels and restaurants for internships or employment. This fair provides the best opportunity to gain experience in the top luxury hotel and spa region.
During the fair, companies that attend pitch their vision and expectations for each EHL Passugg student. There is no better way for these companies to impress their future employees, which could potentially include you. You will have the chance to learn about and connect with all hospitality companies that attend, and if you book in advance, you have the amazing opportunity for one-to-one interviews.
This career fair could give you the opportunity to gain a position in this industry, but if that does not happen, do not despair. It also educates you on companies to connect with and gets you in touch with key people at these companies. Furthermore, you gain experience and confidence by networking with potential employers.


Opportunities through Career Fairs

Career fairs provide a great way to make connections and obtain a career. However, it’s important to make a good impression. In addition, you will need to try to stand out since there will be many other students and alumni at career fairs with you.

Here are some tips for making the best impression at career fairs:

  • Dress like a professional in your industry, just as you do at EHL normally
  • Bring resumes and business cards to give out
  • Research companies that will attend the fair in advance if possible
  • Create a pitch that best displays your skills and experience
  • Practice speaking with confidence and prepare for interview questions
  • Search for companies that best fit with your goals
  • Have priorities for companies you want to connect with, yet also be open to networking
  • Follow up with connections after the fair

EHL’s career fairs in Switzerland provide top opportunities to meet with companies and recruiters in the hospitality industry, as well as many others. EHL offers both the Lausanne and Passugg career fairs twice per year, which are top international hospitality recruitment events. The fairs will put you in touch with the best companies for the skills and experience you have gained at EHL. You will have the chance to network with a broad range of companies to find the right internship or employment position that advances your career.

What companies say about EHL Career Fairs

Dorchester Collection

"For the past 10 years, Dorchester Collection has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with EHL Hospitality Business School. EHL has consistently educated a strong calibre of graduates that have flourished at Dorchester Collection. Our long partnership has seen these future leaders excel within our guest centric organisation as EHL students are prepared for on the job challenges that arise and have immense practical and theoretical knowledge. We are proud to continue our relationship with EHL through the careers fairs and our partnership with The Young Hoteliers Summit."

Mr. Eugenio Pirri
Chief Culture and Operations Executive

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

“Every year, the ICRC recruits EHL alumni. They occupy various positions, at headquarters or in the field, ranging from human resources to finance. What we particularly appreciate is their mastery of several languages, their experience in international and/or multicultural environments and their organizational skills. They are also detail-oriented professionals with good communication skills and the ability to work in sometimes stressful conditions. This is why, for more than 10 years, we come to meet students during the EHL Career Fair.”

Ms. Virginia Malembe
Global Talent Attraction Coordinator


“As the leading company in cosmetics on the Swiss market, we strive to recruit the most talented young graduates. The culture of excellence at EHL, coupled with the broad language skills (mostly German, English and French) of many students at the school, often provides an excellent fit between our needs and the aim of EHL students."

Mr. Eric Salamin
Talent Acquisition Manager


“When participating in EHL events, we experience and appreciate the professionalism, the client and service orientation and the diverse profiles of EHL students. This is exactly what we are looking for at PwC."

Ms. Caroline Poncet
Human Capital Marketing Events & Relations Expert

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