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March 10, 2019 •

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Digital Detox: Five Hotels to Disconnect

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On average we check our smartphones about 80 times a day. Our lives in the 21st century can easily get clogged up with notifications, e-mails, tweets and likes. Even on our holidays a constant connection to Wi-Fi networks allow everyday stress factors to follow you to any destination.

Have a read through our hand-picked list of hotels to explore some of the most attractive getaway destinations for your digital detox, where you can forget about your online persona and enjoy some moments of pure serenity.

"The sky is the limit" at 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat in Zermatt, Switzerland

This gem of a hotel has a long history of welcoming guests in breath-taking high-altitude surroundings. As the name suggests, the Kulmhotel is located 3100 meters above sea-level. A cog railway runs right up to the top, making arrival easy for all guests. After 7 PM there are no more trains running up or down the mountain and hotel guests are left to enjoy the silence and magnificent surroundings in a sea of red.

The air up here is so free from light and noise pollution that the University of Bern selected it as the prime location of their observatory, which guests can visit. The location is perfect to explore the Swiss alps: there are plenty of ski slopes and hiking trails accessible right in front of the hotel’s doorstep, making it easy to leave your phone behind and explore nature in its purest form.


"Untouched natural treasure" at Vythiri Resort – Wayanad, Kerala Region in India

Located in the middle of untouched rain forest, this Indian spa resort lets you switch off and forget everything. The hotel hosts its guests in rustic cottages inspired by indigenous architecture. The ayurvedic Vythiri Spa offers a wide range of classic and new treatments such as aroma therapy, massages and scrubs that will transport you into a world of relaxation.

The resort is located in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that covers multiple national parks. The location in the middle of a dense forest is perfect for nature lovers and serves as the starting point of your exploration of 100 species of mammals, 350 species of birds, 80 species of reptiles, about 39 species of fish, 31 amphibians, 3,300 species of flowering plants and 316 species of butterflies - including rare Indian tigers, elephants, lion-tailed macaques and nilgiri tahrs.

"Cast Away in Paradise"at Alphonse Island in Seychelles

This private island is home to a single resort, offering perfect detachment from the hassle of your day-to-day life. Beautiful bungalows, suites and private villas all with direct access to untouched white sand beaches, hosts up to eight people for a perfect holiday in paradise.

You can choose to spend your time in this remote oasis by yourself snoozing on the beach or on exciting adventures organized by an attentive crew of staff members. Activities on offer include fly fishing, snorkeling and scuba tours, turtle hatching observation, swimming with dolphins and classic spa treatments. All this beauty around you will surely keep you away from phone screens and tiresome work e-mails.

"Chill in Chile"at Awasi Patagonia in Chile

Also cited as one of the most remote luxury hotels in the world, this far-from-everything lodge welcomes you in one of its 14 villas located in a private reserve overlooking Torres Del Paine National Park. The villas are designed to become one with their surroundings, inspired by old Patagonian shelters and ranching outposts. They are arranged in such a way so as to maximize privacy and offer the best views on the forest, Lake Sarmiento and the National Park. Wi-Fi is only accessible in the main cabin, leaving you to your own thoughts. Each villa also comes with a private guide and a four-wheel car allowing guests to explore the surroundings at their own pace. And there is plenty to see. Torres Del Paine is a world-renowned UNESCO site covering an area of 227’298 hectares of wildlife sanctuary. During a visit you will get to discover the exceptional geography of majestic massifs, turquoise lakes, icebergs, rivers, forests and extensive pampas where guanacos, rhea birds and pumas are at home.

"Sleep with the northern lights" at Treehotel in Sweden

Hidden away among high-rising pine trees in a Northern Swedish forest, a few minutes away from the picturesque village Harads, this remote resort surprises its guests with stunning architecture.

It features a cube made of mirrors seemingly levitating in midst of trees, as well as minimalistic Scandinavian interior design. Eight different rooms are suspended four to six meters above ground and accessible by ramp, bridge or electric stairs, taking you away from your normal life and immersing you in a mystic forest environment. The rooms offer a view on the calm forest and the nearby Lule River.

In the remote northern location, Treehotel offers a plethora of activities including kayaking, water rafting and stunning hikes through pristine landscapes. In winter, the Treehotel invites you to experience northern lights, dog sled tours and other exciting activities.

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