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March 12, 2018 •

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Seven of the Most Remote Luxury Hotels in the World


Luxury hotels are usually defined by their sumptuous design, quality of amenities and outstanding service, but total privacy is becoming increasingly appealing for travelers seeking to indulge on lavish experiences. We rounded up seven of the most luxurious remote hotels in the world.

“An island on an island”- Fogo Island Inn, Canada



This hotel stands at the edge of the world, just on the Northern Atlantic Ocean. No matter the time of the year you decide to visit this island, you’ll be able to experience it in a very unique way.

Fogo Island is actually said to have seven seasons throughout the year: warm summer, snowy winter, ice season, spring (which brings the whales and icebergs near the shore), trap berth season (in June, in between spring and summer, the season takes its name from the historical markers for cod trap fishing berths that were dropped on June 1st) and the world’s best berry picking season (the island counts dozens of variety of berries) in early fall and finally a stormy late autumn, perfect to discover the many activities the hotel has to offer.

The hotel itself counts 29 suites, all with floor to ceiling view, immersing guests on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

Combining a modern architecture with service entrenched in local traditions, the hotel offers rooms and activities in line with the weather you may encounter. These include an art gallery, a library, a cozy tea room, a cinema, a meeting room and a gym. On the top floor of the hotel, you’ll be able to have the most beautiful, relaxing experience thanks to saunas and outdoor bath tubs.

“Towers of the blue sky”- Awasi Patagonia, Chile



This 14 villa hotel, stands in the middle of the 227’298 hectares of Patagonia’s natural reserve. The breathtaking view of the imposing massif, forests and turquoise lake are definitely worth the trip!

Each of the detached villas, inspired by the old Patagonia shelters and ranches - has a hot tub, a wood burning stove and a living room. In addition to the incredible view of the forest, lake, “la Pampa” and Torres del Paine National Park, you might even see wild pumas.

Built on stilts, the hotel has minimum environmental impact and is the perfect location for enjoying the surroundings: your stay will be a “Wi-Fi detox”. Being in a very remote area, Internet will only be accessible in the main lodge.

During your stay, you will also witness the ritual of food. The chef defines the cuisine as “seasonal, fresh, sophisticated, simple, local, native, kitchen garden, flavor and taste”. The best ending to a whole day of hiking: treat yourself to traditional food in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

“Desert Conservation Reserve”, Al Maha Resort – Dubai

The Al Maha Resort has 42 Bedouin style inspired bedrooms, each with its own individual pool. Situated in a natural reserve of 225 square km, the resort is part of a very important project: the reintroduction of indigenous animal species.

The desert has always been home to numerous species such as; the Arabian and sand gazelles, Rueppell’s fox, the red fox, hares and the Ethiopian hedgehog. In the sky, you can observe falcons, owls, eagles, doves, warblers… The Oryx, symbolic animal to the desert and name to the resort (“Al Maha” means “Oryx” in Arabic) was reintroduced in 1997 by the then Crown Prince and now Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of UAE.

The hotel offers you many activities around their conservation project. You can go for a dune drive, a nature walk or camel trekking… You can even enjoy a beautiful safari to observe the endangered species. Additionally, you can practice the arts of archery and falconry.

At the restaurant, you will enjoy both Arabic and Mediterranean cuisines either on the restaurant’s terrace or as a picnic on the dunes. Your stay would not be complete without the possibility to relax and cool down after a day of discoveries: the spa and the private swimming pools offer a relaxing view over the dunes and the mountains.

“Elegance above the clouds” - Villa Honegg, Switzerland



Situated above Lake Lucerne, this 23-room boutique hotel offers you a spectacular view of the Swiss Alps you can enjoy directly from its outside pool. The terrace bathes in the sunlight all day long and gives you the chance to experience the view for as long as you want.

The hotel’s offer includes à la carte breakfast and, after a whole day of gazing, you will enjoy a unique dinner ranked with a 17/20 by the Gault & Millau guide. A fireside lounge will offer you a selection of after dinner drinks and cigars for a complete luxury experience. For the non-smokers, the hotel also offers an in-house cinema.

“Lost in the endless blue” - Southern Ocean Lodge, Australia



The hotel is situated on Kangaroo Island, home to a great number of native wildlife and natural attractions. With a surface of 4,500 square km, it is Australia’s third largest island. One third of the latter was declared as Conservation or as National Park, hence guests will find themselves face to face with numerous wild animal species.

The 21 suites have views of the Southern Ocean, enhanced by glass walled bathrooms, outdoor terrace and sandblasted limestone floors. The decoration also brings a part of tradition, thanks to furnishing and artworks commissioned from local artisans.

Another unique point of the hotel is the locally sourced food and beverage and its daily-changing menu.

In addition to the personalized activities that can range from meeting sea lions to a walk along the limestone clifftops, guests can experience a true “zoo without fences” throughout their whole stay.

“Luxury in the jungle” - Four Seasons Bali at Sayan, Indonesia



Hidden in the deep of the jungle, the huge grounds of the Four Seasons Sayan are located in Bali's lush central highlands and feel like a tropical haven. To arrive there, a dramatic bridge leads you to a huge infinity-pool, seeming to be suspended in the air.
With over 40 private villas, each outfitted with plunge pools, meditation areas and lily ponds, the hotel puts a huge emphasis on wellness, with its holistic Sacred River spa, local Balinese healers and seasonal cuisine.
For travelers seeking some cultural entertainment, the hotel takes it to the next level, with water purification rituals with a Hindu priestess, river rafting around UNESCO World Heritage sites and Balinese massages set along the Ayung River.

“At the top of the world”- White Desert Camp, Antarctica



The White Desert Camp offers four different adventures: the Emperors and South Pole (8 days), the Ice and Mountains (4 days), the Greatest Day and the Race the Jet Marathon, each suited to experience the wonders of the South Pole.

Antarctica being maybe the most remote location on the planet, environmental regulations are very important. Therefore, all human waste is transported out of the continent on regular flights. Most of the camp is also powered by renewable energy.

The Whichaway camp consists of six sleeping pods, a shower pod, a kitchen and three centralized pods for the reception, lounge and dining room. The exterior of the pods is made with innovative materials and in contrast, the interior has an “old-world feel with rich textures”.

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