Go Beyond Charcuterie with these Imaginative Food Boards

March 09, 2020 •

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Go beyond charcuterie with these imaginative food boards

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Food boards are here and ready to delight you at every turn! What was once reserved for cheese, meat, and a wide array of accompaniments has now opened the doors for all other types of food.

Put quite simply, charcuterie boards have been unceremoniously taken to the next level in this latest craze. By dumping cheese, meat, and the like in favor of other options, everyone can get onboard in serving their favorites in style. To help you get started, here’s a look at all the different food trends shaking up breakfast, dessert, and everything in between.

Pancakes are on the rise

If you want to sample all the syrup and topping options when pancakes come your way, boy, are you going to love pancake boards. These delightful masterpieces put fluffy pancakes on centerstage, then surround them with the toppings of your dreams.

From maple and chocolate to strawberry and blueberry, every syrup makes an appearance to take your breakfast to great heights. Berries, bacon, and much, much more join in on the fun, completing this iconic board to remember.



Waffles are not far behind

When waffles are calling, demand they be served on a board and surrounded by all your favorite toppings. With this food trend, crispy, yet tender, waffles sit along the center of the board to set the stage for an amazing breakfast experience.

Then, around all sides, you can find syrup, spreads, and more, each ready to top the next. Sliced strawberries, whole raspberries, and all the other fruits can hop onboard as well, helping you make the most of this breakfast favorite.

Don’t forget French toast

When it comes to French toast, there is no wrong way to enjoy its soft, flavorful texture, except on a plate with just a single topping. To avoid that dreaded scenario, opt for a board filled with toast by the boatload along with plenty of tasty toppings.

With everything from berries and chocolate to syrup and powdered sugar at your fingertips, there is no limit to what you can create. So, use your imagination and throw caution to the wind to tantalize your taste buds like never before.


How about a Smorgasbord?

If you just cannot decide what to have for breakfast, then a smorgasbord is just what the doctor ordered. With this food board option, you can have all your most-coveted breakfast items piled high at every corner of the platter.

At the center of this awesome food trend are truly iconic smorgasbord platters containing eggs and bacon, bagels and cream cheese, muffins, donuts, cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, mini quiches, croissants and scones. With all these items on hand, you are sure to find your favorite treats at a moment’s notice.

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It’s not just about breakfast!

Although breakfast platters easily steal the show, the food board craze does not end there. The boards can also hold snacks aplenty, keeping everyone’s bellies full between every meal. For example, snack boards can often include smoked fish, pickles, olives, nuts, veggies and dips.

You can even build a snack board using all your favorite fruits, spreads, and toppings. Apples pair well with peanut butter, Nutella, along with sprinkles, coconut shreds, and chocolate chips galore.



Burgers join in on the fun

When it comes to dinner, do not discount the food board’s ability to elevate even the most basic foods. Burgers, for example, become much more fun when they are placed on a board alongside all the fixings.

Whether they are beef, chicken, lamb, or vegetarian fare, grilled burgers jumpstart this unforgettable meal. Alongside the patties, you might find the ordinary lettuce, onions, and tomatoes or something a little more exciting.

Crispy jalapenos, onion straws, and even fried pickles are all geared up and ready to go jump on the board to amplify every bite of your burger. You can even find pickled radishes, candied bacon, and peanut butter spread if you end up with a particularly adventurous board on your hands.

Tacos, tacos and tacos some more

With 1,000 ways to enjoy tacos, it just makes sense to arrange all the fillings on a food board. This experience starts with soft tortillas or hard shells lining the sides of the board. Meat, fish, or vegetarian fillings spiral around the rest of the board with many other toppings alongside.

Toppings frequently found hanging out on these boards include cheese, lettuce, radishes, salsa, beans, rice, onion, tomato and sour cream. Hot sauce of all kinds arrives alongside the other fare to create your perfect taco night experience.



The Sky Really is the Limit

Absolutely no dinner is safe from ending up spread across a board and served to hungry patrons. This craze has targeted all the fan favorites, including macaroni and cheese.

For the mac ‘n’ cheese board, imagine a large pot of cheesy noodles surrounded by meat mix-ins, bread slices, and sauces of all kinds. Look deep within to see if you could resist piling all the options on top of the noodles and savoring each and every bite. (We know we couldn’t!)

Another popular food trend is the basic meat, veggie, and starch combination that colors many nightly dinners, all placed on a board. Pair up a protein source with roasted veggies, then add potatoes, rice, or another starchy side to the mix. Stack them all on a board and voila, you have a dinner to remember without all the dishes.

Bring on the Dessert!

Refusing to be left out on the fun is dessert, which was definitely made to be served on a food board. Barring ice cream, almost all desserts look great piled together on a platter and served with a smile.

Popular boards come with everything from chocolate-covered strawberries to chocolate squares plus cheese, berries, and honey to complement their flavors. Other dessert boards might have cookies, candies, and everything in between thrown together in a decorative display.

There really is no wrong way to partner up desserts, so everyone is welcome to dream up their favorite options and make them a reality. And if it does not work out on night, that is all the reason to try again the next day.



With these food trends taking the world by storm, it is high time for everyone to join in. So, get to creating awesome boards at home or head out to support your favorite restaurants that are giving it a try. You will not regret taking part in this all-new meal experience.