Crowd-sourcing: At the heart of EHL’s campus development

October 12, 2016 •

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Crowd-sourcing: At the heart of EHL’s campus development

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The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne’s campus development project, which began in 2013 with the adoption of an innovative, unique and international architectural approach, has moved forwards in a remarkable manner.

In line with the slogan,“a campus for students, designed by students”, EHL invited the younger generation — closer to the needs and expectations of our future students — to participate in the development of the new campus.

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The crowd-sourcing campaign brought together 385 architecture and landscape architecture students. They were offered a creative opportunity that allowed them to push their boundaries – as well as the school’s – to create a more meaningful project respecting the ideas put forward by students while taking into consideration EHL's values.

Today, EHL announced that the projects proposed by the winners — Jon Irigoyen, University of Navarre, Spain; Sofia Passos dos Santos, University of Porto, Portugal; Reiko Wei, Rice school of Architecture, USA; Pauline Jochenbein, HEPIA, Switzerland — will be brought to life.

Discover via this short video some images of the collaboration between the students, architects, engineers and sociologists! Or follow the timeline of project