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Corporate Social Responsibility: Recycling for a good cause

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Standing up together for something good is what the EHL SSTH is on a mission to do. With the latest CSR campaign, collection stations for plastic lids will be set up at 10 different locations throughout the EHL Campus in Passugg. Collect different plastic lids, bring them to our collection point and support a good cause! The proceeds of this recycling initiative will be used for the training of guide dogs for the blind.

What do we collect?

You can collect different hard, plastic lids that you find for example in milk, cream or PET bottles, Nutella glasses, cosmetics etc. The only requirement is that they should have a screw cap.

Corporate Social Responsibility: plastic recycling

How can you start collecting?

You can clean and dry the lids, and place them in the collection stations. Preferably without any additional materials like cardboard, rubber or metal residue.

For what purpose do we collect the plastic lids?

With the proceeds from the sale of the plastic covers at recycling stations, the training of guide dogs for the blind is financed. A guide dog costs around 65,000 Swiss francs for its training, including all the extras. In order to finance such training, about 6.6 million plastic lids are needed, and we aim to make a contribution.

Where does this great initiative come from?

The initiative was started in 2015 in the Netherlands. Since then, 8 guide dogs for the blind have been trained in the Netherlands. The recycling project in Switzerland was started by Martinus Aarts and his son Robin from Herisau. Together with friends and family, they have already collected 15 kilograms of plastic lids in just two months. They contacted various companies and thus spread the collection campaign throughout Switzerland.

Where to put the collected plastic lids?

You can place the collected lids in one of the collection stations at the EHL Campus in Passugg. Of course you can also bring your plastic lids from home. A company from Eschlikon in Thurgau, Switzerland, which manufactures cable rails from hard PET, will buy a kilo of plastic lids for 30 Rappen each.

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