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What are the best chocolate shops in Lausanne?

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Switzerland may be famous throughout the world for the quality of our chocolate, but not all chocolate is created equal. Recently, we have been having a vigorous social media debate on where you can buy the best chocolate in Lausanne, right in time for Easter. The debate has not been solved, but we have rounded up 10 finalists. Review our short list and sample chocolate to decide for yourself who makes the best sweets in Lausanne!

1. La Chocolatière de Mon-Repos

For over 40 years, this shop has served up some of the finest sweets under the helm of Jean-Claude Currat, who remains Master Chocolatier to this day. Don't miss the chocolate eggs or praline strips, which are our favorites. 

2. Durig 

Organic and fairtrade chocolate that tastes incredible? You will find it at Durig. Pick up an Easter bunny or try another of their animal creations, such as the duck or the crocodile. Or dive deep into their single-origin collection to taste some of the best rare chocolates from across the globe, made with a Swiss touch. 

3. L’Espace Chocolat

L-Espace Chocolat was awarded second place at the 2017 Rallye du Chocolat. They offer 20 varieties of chocolate bars, both filled chocolates and bar to bean. Or try their latest treat, 100 percent artisanal chocolate made from Cameroonian cacao beans made with respect for the environment and the local cacao farmers. 

4. Blondel 

Blondel is one of the top-tier Swiss chocolatiers, with a history dating back to 1850. Try the chocolate-dipped dried fruits, florentines, or chocolate bars. Blondel keeps its focus on simplicity and quality, and the care is evident in every mouthful. 

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5. Wuthrich 

The must-try item at Chocolaterie Wuthrich is the Giscard, a praline that blends soft caramel, chocolate ganache, and almond. The exclusive black label chocolate is a close second. Pralines, truffles, or an assortment of housemade chocolate are thoughtful holiday gifts too. Bottom line: You can't go wrong. 

6. Noz Chocolatier 

A love of caramels dating back to childhood was the inspiration for this chocolatier, who makes a range of specialties. From prune brandy truffles to chocolate cigars, the classics are well-made. Bean purists will enjoy the low-sugar, single-origin bars from Costa Rica, Grenada, Bolivia, and more. 

7. Olivier Fuchs 

"The Equator Line" is Oliver Fuchs line of bean to bar chocolates from some of the world's finest cacao producing regions. Taste several bars or pick up the hen of the year, which is envisioned fresh every Easter. Every vintage-inspired Easter hen comes filled with eggs and assorted chocolates. 

8. Manuel 

This esteemed chocolatier dates back to 1845. A team of five chocolatiers makes pralines and chocolates using traditional methods. You can't go wrong with a mixed box of their classics. Manuel also makes some of the best macarons in Lausanne. The pale pastel colors are perfect for the Easter holiday. 

9. Lucien Moutarlier 

While you'll find the traditional range of pralines and chocolates at this chocolatier, you will also find a broad range of innovative confections made with some of the finest chocolate in the world. If all this chocolate shopping has made you hungry, try a flaky, buttery, warm chocolate croissant from Lucien Moutarlier

10. EHL Boutique 

We would be remiss if we did not mention our campus boutique, where you will find some of the best chocolate in Lausanne! By shopping at the boutique, you will be supporting EHL students, who put business knowledge into practice through work. Don't forget, members of the EHL community receive a 25 percent discount on all items in the EHL boutique. 

Who makes your favorite chocolate in Lausanne? 

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