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Consume less, but better: Fabien Pairon’s 10 favorite local suppliers

The UN Sustainable Gastronomy Day (June 18th) is the perfect occasion to remind us all of the powerful connection between food and sustainability, and rethink how we cook and eat. Fabien Pairon, senior Lecturer in Practical Arts at Ecole hotelière de Lausanne, who obtained his title of “Meilleur Ouvrir de France” in 2011, shares with us his top 10 favorite local food suppliers located in the Vaud canton. A good way to support local farmers and producers in these difficult times, and to make your home cuisine more sustainable!

1.Niels Rodin - Citrus fruit

I stumbled across this eccentric, citrus enthusiast by accident. He explained that contrary to popular belief, citrus fruit grows all over the world, not just in Florida! He decided to grow it in Switzerland with fabulous results.

2.Ferme de Sauverny - Pulses

Lentils, chickpeas, dried beans are nutritious and healthy, and grow nearby in excellent conditions. I discovered this farm when I decided to use exclusively local supplies for the EHL Bistro.


Image credits : Ferme de Sauverny

3.Moulins d’Yverdon - Grains and flour

Like many, I tried to make my own homemade bread during confinement, which brought me to Yverdon where I already knew this mill for its local quinoa. I discovered a wide range of grains and cereals, enough to make my own popcorn among many other delights.

4. Moulins de Severy - Oils

This mill is well-known for its local produce and quality oils made with expertise: nuts, hazelnuts and much more. A wonderful discovery for that perfect seasoning.

5. Maison Loni – Fish from Lake Léman

Eating local automatically implies fish from our lake. I'm a fan of pike kebabs and crayfish bisques. The lake offers us this privilege, but beware, it’s nature that controls both chef and fisherman - not the other way around.

pairon fish

Image Credits: Maison Loni

6. Famille Henny - Seasonal fruits & Ferme Chappuis-Woolly pork meat (rustic breed)

Confinement meant I had time to go out on my motorbike and discover nearby farms, (there are more than you might think!) The produce here is super fresh and organic with nutritional qualities guaranteed!

7. Maison Stuby - Hams and cured meat

A family-run butcher’s and delicatessen with amazing homemade produce in Vevey, handed down from father to son. Members of the Artisanal Charcuterie Association and proud of it.

stubyImage credits : Maison Stuby

8. Maison Ruchet – Butcher

Also in Vevey, this highly-reputed butcher’s shop sells beautiful cuts of meat, including the most perfect beef ribs.

9. Maison Macheret - Cheeses

Located in Lausanne and Vevey, these cheese shops specialize in high quality produce, as well as a warm welcome and friendly advice.

10. Ratatouille - Vegetables

Another great discovery. Part of the Léguriviera group, this store is the Ali Baba secret den of vegetables, including all the early varieties.

Fabien Pairon:

 “My father was a craftsman. I like peasant common sense. Fruit and vegetables rich in water in summer, seed oils before winter to prepare us for the cold. Roots in the fall and winter to strengthen us. Fresh shoots and herbs in the spring to revitalize our bodies. The seasons also apply to fish, meat and grains. Life cycles must be respected, they always arrive at the right time to properly feed the consumer. Consuming a local product that is perfectly mature will bring the optimal organoleptic qualities (appearance, smell, flavor, texture). Freshly picked, the product has all its nutrients, vitamins and mineral wealth.


This is what I teach my students at EHL. Eating seasonally is possible everywhere on the planet, it creates a beautiful cultural and gastronomic identity. Consume less, but better. Stop disrespectful battery farming, unsustainable practices, look after the water supply - soon to become a precious commodity. Always keep in mind demographic studies: we will have to feed many more people on our beautiful planet in 50 years’ time with resources that are not inexhaustible. These are the major challenges that our students have to face. They have the potential to make a change. Personally, I believe in them and I count on them.”

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