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October 23, 2023 •

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1893: Where bistronomy meets restaurant sustainability

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In the heart of EHL Lausanne Campus resides a culinary gem – the 1893, a pedagogical, retro-modern bistronomic restaurant that captures the perfect fusion of fine dining and sustainable practices. This establishment is not just a pedagogical restaurant for exquisite gastronomy; it's a living vision in progress, an educational lab for sustainability, where innovative green practices are experienced and implemented, serving as a beacon illuminating the path to a sustainable future and issuing a continuous call to action to its community. It is where exquisite, affordable, and environmentally friendly dining experiences are crafted, and where a commitment to a greener world isn’t just a philosophy, it’s a lived reality.

A sustainable restaurant experience: the heart and soul of the 1893 restaurant

At 1893, sustainability isn't simply an afterthought; it’s an integral part of the menu design, the dish served, the ingredient selected, and the culinary technique employed. Chef Michel De Matteis and his culinary team are not just creators of delightful bistronomic creations, but also dedicated guardians of the environment. The restaurant’s journey towards sustainability is marked by its commitment to eco-friendly practices and its journey of continuous sustainable dining efforts.


What is sustainable food? It all starts with local provenance & seasonality

At 1893, we take pride in meticulously selecting sustainable, local, and seasonal supplies whenever possible, many of which are harvested directly from our own instructional garden & organic orchard. This verdant space nurtures a diverse range of local species, enriching the natural ecosystem that cradles our campus.

Inspired by the principles of permaculture, our orchard is a living, breathing entity, teeming with approximately 300 newly planted trees, 5,500 shrubs, and 400 grapevines, and it is abuzz with the activity of 6 beehives hosting 250,000 bees. The establishment of a 2,500 m2 educational garden serves as a tangible, interactive platform for students to grasp the essence of seasonality and the significance of local sourcing, all while providing the freshest ingredients to enrich our culinary creations.


In harmonious collaboration with local producers, we craft dishes that are a true celebration of the region's culinary treasures. Our menus are dynamic, ever-evolving compositions of the finest regional and seasonal products, ensuring that every bite delivers on the promise and experience of unparalleled freshness.

Reducing carbon footprints: a journey towards a brighter future

The myriad sustainable actions at 1893 are reflections of its devotion to reducing carbon footprints. With initiatives like employing reusable Elephantskin gloves, switching individual plastic sugar packets for elegant porcelain bowls, and energy conservation through the daytime lights-off policy, 1893 is not just serving meals but is striving to serve sustainability. It’s the intricate dance of delighting the palate, fostering energy efficiency, optimizing resources, and supporting local economies that makes dining at 1893 a meaningful experience.

1893 gloves

EHL's steps towards restaurant sustainability beyond the dining table

EHL's steps towards restaurant sustainability go far beyond the dining table and deep into the realms of ecological consciousness and responsible living. EHL stands as a beacon of sustainable innovation, with its eco-friendly campus, instructional gardens, and organic orchards, all rooted in the principles of permaculture. It’s more than just a culinary experience—it’s a holistic education, illuminating the value of seasonality, local sourcing, and sustainable living. The initiatives extend to offering electric vehicle charging spaces and weaving the fabric of sustainability into the curriculum and every aspect of campus life.


In our pursuit to curtail food waste and augment sustainability, we have forged collaborations with innovative companies like KITRO and Beelong.

  • KITRO, a brainchild of our alumni, employs artificial intelligence to scrutinize food waste meticulously. Their cutting-edge bins, fitted with AI, analyze wasted food, offering an unparalleled insight into our waste streams, thereby empowering us to implement precise changes to enhance efficiency, diminish waste, and curtail costs.

KITRO supports us in raising awareness on sustainability within the staff and student body, using concrete data. It also highlighted a difference in expectations between our customers and the kitchen and allowed us to bridge that gap.- Noémie Danthine, Director of Sustainability, EHL

  • Similarly, Beelong, another venture founded by our distinguished alumni and currently nestled in EHL’s start-up Incubator, is instrumental in assessing the environmental repercussions of the food we consume. Originating as a visionary project in 2012, and officially founded in 2014, Beelong works tirelessly to usher in transparency, traceability, and sustainability in the food sector. The firm is a valuable ally to food enterprises and caterers who share our vision for a sustainable future and seek profound insights into the environmental footprint of their food sourcing.

Providing simple environmental information is key to helping our society move towards a greener future, and the current lack of transparency on food products is what drives me to raise awareness on the major environmental issues of our actual diets. The EHL incubator provides us the perfect environment to carry out our mission. - Charlotte de La Baume, Beelong

These partnerships are not just strategic alliances; they are a testament to EHL’s commitment to fostering sustainability and our continuous endeavor to pave the way for a more conscious and responsible future.

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Community engagement: empowering and educating on how can restaurants be more sustainable

1893 and EHL transcend their boundaries to propagate their sustainable philosophy into the wider community. Their endeavors involve engaging with local communities and endorsing socially impactful enterprises like Hotel and Restaurant L’Union in Epalinges. Their commitment is pivotal in offering hospitality job training to individuals facing unemployment, epitomizing the belief that sustainability is a multifaceted concept, encapsulating environmental conservation, social accountability, and community empowerment.


Situated in proximity to our Lausanne campus, Hotel and Restaurant L’Union in Epalinges serves as a beacon of social enterprise. It extends hospitality training and shelter to individuals grappling with unemployment. EHL augments this action by conducting MasterClasses. These enlightening courses impart knowledge in cooking and service to the trainees at L’Union, blending expertise with compassion. Our Executive Chef, Christian Segui, has embarked on a collaborative journey with the trainees of L’Union to craft a distinctive menu, which graced the restaurant’s tables for six enriching weeks in the fall. Moreover, to instill diversity and learning during the unforeseen closures owing to COVID, trainees were welcomed at EHL for an explorative workshop, offering a sanctuary of knowledge and break from routine.

The convergence of EHL and establishments like L’Union substantiates that the essence of sustainability extends beyond ecological mindfulness. It underscores the importance of uplifting communities, fostering a sense of responsibility, and nurturing an environment where every individual is empowered to thrive and contribute to the collective well-being.


Savoring tomorrow: a shared vision on sustainable food choices

At 1893, every dish served is a step closer to a sustainable future. Every initiative and every green practice is a beacon inviting customers, staff, and students to be part of a shared vision for a better world. It’s more than just participation; it embodies a sustainable philosophy that transcends the gastronomic experience and seeps into the fabric of societal consciousness.


A testament to the harmonious union of bistronomy and restaurant sustainability

1893's relentless pursuit of green innovations, its commitment to ecological and social responsibility, and its undying passion for creating sublime, sustainable culinary experiences make it a place where one can only come back. Dining at 1893 is not just a feast for the senses; it’s an embrace of a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow, and an invitation to savor the promise of a greener world.

Together, let’s walk the path laid by 1893, savoring not just the delicious bistronomic creations but also the essence of sustainability, contributing to a world where fine dining and ecological mindfulness coexist in perfect harmony. Welcome to 1893, where every bite is a pledge to a sustainable future.


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