Is Service Excellence the New Marketing?

February 04, 2019 •

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Is Service Excellence the New Marketing Excellence Definition?

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The drama of television advertising… A captivating opening image followed by a series of emotive visuals. Strategically emphatic sound delivering rhetorically suave messages, with intonation so on point, it makes the hair on your arms stand up. Immersive, hooking viewers to a notion. Awakening a dormant desire or conjuring up a new one. Consumers subconsciously reaching for their wallets as they absolutely must have this product. How could they possibly have lived without it? And how does service excellence relate to this?

It seems, however, that traditional marketing may not be packing quite the punch it used to. People have lost faith in gimmicky and overstated mass marketing campaigns. According to a recent survey conducted by customer service technology platform Gladly, 79% of customers say personalized service is more important than personalized marketing.

Marketing Excellence Definition

  • Marketing Excellence is in essence customer-centricity i.e., placing the customer in the center of all marketing activity.
  • Excellence in marketing is thinking about the complete end-to-end user journey and customer experience (CX), drawing on customer insight and data as the starting point.
  • The devil is in the detail as always, each touchpoint should be carefully crafted to give the maximum opportunity to convert and delight the user. 
  • This strategy relies heavily on Service Excellence as a means to delight users, whatever stage of the buyer journey they happen to be, making Marketing Excellence and Service Excellence synonymous. 

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Why do consumers today demand Service Excellence?

In today’s global village, with a plethora of offerings at our fingertips, just how do we wade through the anonymity to choose what to buy? Some 55% of consumers rely on reviews on websites and social media – strength in numbers. Others, 36%, rely on advice from family and friends. These are the people who know us best and can vouch for a product or service that is likely to meet our requirements. Then, of course, there are influencers. The people who know (if not dictate) what is on trend. For many, they define the aspirational, speaking to a life we wish we had – and are willing to spend a pretty penny striving for.

This is called Social Proofing, a psychological and social phenomenon which is a type of confirmatory bias.

In other words, recommendations. But what makes a product or service worthy of recommendation (other than a hefty reimbursement in the case of Instagram stars)? What is it that consumers want?

3 steps to mastering Service Excellence as the new Marketing Excellence

1. Make your customers feel like unique, valued individuals

They want fast answers and seamless transitions. They want convenience, to be able to choose the channel via which they communicate with a company, whether that be talking to an actual human being rather than being fed though an electronic loop of standardized triage questions, sending a quick e-mail, live-chat, SMS or social media.

2. Be consistent
These aspects pertain less to the offerings themselves and more to the forthcoming, proactive and hospitable atmosphere that envelopes them: service excellence. 86% of consumers expect conversations with agents to seamlessly move between channels.

This concern is being addressed by companies, who are now moving towards omnichannel experiences that account for each technological platform and device a customer uses to interact with them. They use this technique to align their messaging, goals, objectives and design across each channel and device. By aligning these factors together, companies use these related channels to enhance marketing and service efforts.

Case study: An Indian furniture rental firm, Furlenco uses this omnichannel technique to deliver great experiences to their customers.

  1. Right from when the consumer first visits the website or the mobile application to browse through various products listed.
  2. They can then use artificial rendering to see how a specific product looks at their office or home space.
  3. Consumers are then assisted by customer service reps who reach out to them with recommendations and brief about the plan that can be of help.
  4. Once a consumer places order for a rental, the shop floor team connects and checks with them a convenient time for delivery of the product.
  5. Technicians are accompanied by the sales representatives who attend to every query of the customer.
  6. The entire process once completed, is followed by a feedback call to check customer satisfaction.
  7. Consumers have the freedom to access their accounts for bills payment, swapping of furniture, or any complaint about the quality of the product.

In the market which has no dearth of such companies, Furlenco's endeavour to empower the customer and their representatives with the information required to deliver a wholesome service experience, has led to its establishment as a favored brand.

3. Find quick solutions to customer issues

In the fast-paced world, consumers want their issues to be resolved quickly, and they do not want to repeat themselves. As speed and expertise matter for a quicker decision-making today’s consumer values an empowered problem solver and an expert.


Many multinational chains like Intercontinental Hotel Group has a centralized empowerment grid, which details the authority every employee from the shop floor till the General Manager has to ensure a great experience for its guests. This is slowly and steadily becoming a norm across various service sectors – Retail, Healthcare, Airlines, etc.

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Service Excellence speaks for itself

Service excellence is being greeted by name. Service excellence is receiving a follow-up phone call to ensure you are satisfied with your most recent encounter. Service excellence is your provider knowing what you need before you do. The small details that make a big difference. Selling points in their own right.

A worthwhile pursuit

As another of our article entitled Seven Critical Steps to Make Service Excellence a Reality quite rightly points out, however, companies must make the effort to provide a framework that enables these small details to be mastered.

It is a value system, a service culture that must permeate the entire company, from hiring practices to corporate standards.

With service excellence being an abstract concept and a soft target, you may be reluctant to invest in it, but it pays for itself in many ways. When you lavish attention on customers and orient all business activities towards fulfilling their needs, service excellence has the power to both streamline operations and make a company into a household name. Consistent attention to detail and reliably good service can also act as a shield against market volatility.

And word gets around: the above-mentioned report found that 80% of customers will recommend a company to their family and friends if they are happy with the service, while 40% will post about it on social media.

You could argue you can’t afford not to invest in service excellence: 67% of customers said they would actively dissuade family and friends from purchasing if they weren’t happy with the service, with 42% saying they would make this known on social media. Given the propensity to share negative reviews over positive ones and 92% of customers saying they would switch provider after three or fewer bad experiences, investing in customer service could be deemed damage limitation.

Is service excellence the new marketing? Relativizing the efficacy of drama-filled advertising and acknowledging that people will turn to other people for guidance in navigating the abundance of options out there, there is merit in acknowledging that the most effective way to secure repeat business is to ensure your business is the best it can be. True service excellence can make your product or service stand out by making for memorable moments. The stuff of daydream-like accounts of wonderful evenings out exchanged between best friends, ending in “you simply must book a table”, or of experiences so good you just can’t help leaving a stellar review.

Value your customers. Make them the center of your world. Then watch your business blossom.


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