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Fish & seafood recipes from EHL chefs

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Are you looking for some aquatic inspiration for your next dinner party? Admittedly, fish and seafood can seem a scary prospect for those who prefer their ingredients to come from the comfort-zone of dry land. But the truth is that there's nothing quite as easy or elegant with which to wow your guests as as well-chosen recipe that brings the coast to your plate. 

This article highlights some great examples of how to stretch your marine culinary arts' practice. Whether you're an EHL student or a general foodie looking for a new, exciting meal to put on the table, these recipes are both unique and simple to follow. Most of the ideas here have been provided by Cédric Bourassin, Head Chef at our Berceau des Sens restaurant located on the EHL campus.

Cédric is also Lecturer in Practical Arts of the Culinary Arts program and knows how to simulate his students to use all the 5 taste senses: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. These nine dishes are sure to give you a taste for the type of fine dining that Cédric Bourassin is internationally famous for. 

Snow crab and mango

The long legged snow crab is native to the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans. It is named after the fact that its red flesh turns snowy white when cooked. Famous for its sweet, briny flavor that suits tangy accompaniments. Here it sits next to the refreshing flavors of mango, green apple, grapefruit, peppermint and coriander to make a colorful, tangy and light dish. 


Grilled octopus and turnip with orange

Whether you’re new to cooking octopus or well-versed, this recipe will develop your cooking technique and guide you through bringing together some perfect flavors. Warning: plan in advance, this dish requires hours of deep freeze time. The outcome promises a grilled octopus elegantly plated, with beautifully cut zucchini and turnip slices, complemented by orange, parsley and egg emulsion. A delight!


Mackerel and yogurt with anise

This mackerel recipe provides a nice, light dish that adds the zesty flavors of anise seeds, lemon and mizuna greens to the fish. Chef Cédric Bourassin instructs you to pre-cook the mackerel with a blowtorch (!), followed by time in a broiler in a lemon and vinegar marinade. The fish is then accompanied by yogurt balls, jelly, sauce and pickles that decorate and add an original flavor profile to the course. 


Grilled turbot and stuffed zucchini flowers

This fish recipe sets the turbot against a tomato crust, fennel puree, courgette flower stuffing and courgette pickles. The edible courgette flower is found in summer and is the eye-catching orange bloom on the long male stalk of the vegetable, often used in Italian cooking. The colors of this dish are as vibrant and alive as the flavors. However, be patient, some parts require long marinading or cooking time. But it's worth the wait, this is a wonderful fish recipe to have in your repertoire.


Basil-crusted cod

This recipe comes to you from Chef Christian Sequi, who runs SEGUI Traiteur with his wife in the eastern Pyrenees. An elegant Frenchie take on fish and potatoes. Perfectly cooked basil-crusted cod is set on smoothly mashed potatoes and surrounded by tomato concasse. Simply but effective. For this recipe, you’ll want to plan ahead, as the basil crush requires at least three hours in the freezer.

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Fish tartar

This bright, fresh fish recipe from Cédric Bourassin challenges you to pull off a 'rust' sauce (sauce rouille), famously used in French Provençal cuisine. The raw fish is accompanied by avocados, pink grapefruit, pepquino sour gherkins and cucumbers. The chef advises to quickly fry the avocado in olive oil to fix its green color before blending. The end result is a fish tartar bursting with flavor thanks to the variety of herbs ranging from dill, chervil, tarragon, chives, parsley, chopped capers and saffron.


Scallops and black garlic carpaccio

This scallop dish delights with its combination of flavors and its beautiful presentation. The secret, as usual, is to try to use the freshest top quality ingredients. Scallops with barberries, cabbage and radishes sit around a butternut pumpkin emulsion and a black garlic 'crémeux' (usually a sweet dense pudding that is transformed here into a lemon, garlic and buttery delight). 


Monkfish, stuffed razor clams and lemon sauce

This monkfish and razor clams recipe is a must for true fish fans. There is a lot going on in every square centimeter with peas, asparagus, radishes, nuts, herbs and flowers decorating the way. Despite the long list of varied elements, nothing in this recipe is over-done, everything is cooked lightly and delicately so that freshness, flavor and texture remain intact. As with many of Cédric Bourassin's recipes, each ingredient is allowed to breathe and be itself. 


Grilled octopus and confit new potatoes

More grilled octopus from Bourassin, this time featuring some wonderfully herby confit potatoes and a garlic aioli. The pickled red onion adds a dash of color, and the unusual tetragon leaves (also known as New Zealand spinach) bring a crunchy bitterness to the dish. Here, the octopus requires a long cooking time of 7 hours before its final grill, so start preparing early on in the day. 


Expand your culinary knowledge

These recipes aim to open the door to new techniques and exciting flavors, and allow you to experience the Berseau des Sens fine-dining from your home. These are some of the best fish and seafood recipes from our award-winning chefs that highlight their original and creative talents. 

Should you be interested in pursuing formal studies in the hospitality field and want to learn more about the importance of fine dining, please reach out to us at EHL. Come and discover all the fascinating industry aspects you can learn about while studying at the world's premier hospitality school.


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