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INTERVIEW: Redefining Luxury and Culture in Hospitality

Eugenio Pirri, Chief People and Culture Officer at the Dorchester Collection on what does "luxury" mean today.

The hospitality industry has been abuzz with the growing need to redefine the notion of luxury to cater to an increasingly diverse clientele. Gone are the days when enjoying a luxurious experience meant indulgent in-room candlelight dinners and a rose petal-filled jacuzzi; today’s travelers seek authenticity and experiential travel.

Eugenio Pirri, Chief People & Culture Officer at the Dorchester Collection, emphasizes just that as he tells the Young Hoteliers Summit in an interview, that luxury has to be defined by the customer. Hoteliers often say that they are customer-focused. However, Pirri also highlights the need to take it a step further by helping customers both when they are at the hotel, but also when they are not at the hotel. The important thing, he explains, is understanding that customers are also loyal to other brands and companies in other industries, and being able to work with them to make your most high-value customers’ lives easier.

But above all, the first step to creating a memorable customer experience is to know why they are staying at your property. As Pirri says,

You can really define luxury by first engaging with them, finding out the true purpose of why they’re there. And then you develop luxury over the stay, and then it becomes a more lasting memory.

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Pirri also touches on the topic of diversity. Hospitality is a unique industry that employs individuals of diverse backgrounds, which poses a unique opportunity for hospitality managers. He therefore discusses the need to understand your workforce – knowing how to lead and grow your talent, and how to tap into their knowledge and experiences to better serve your customers and the vision of the company. “Diversity is never enough” – the key, he emphasizes, is to be "diverse but also inclusive – only by including everyone in the conversation will we be able to bring out the best in our workforce."

Hospitality often prides itself on being a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds, but have we really been using this diversity to its potential?

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