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Reasons for doing a Master’s Degree and opening up to the world

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EHL's Master of Science in Global Hospitality Business (MGH) provides not only a 360-degree view of the industry and its different departments and challenges, but also offers experience and understanding of countries' different cultural needs, giving learners a complete global overview of the industry. So what are the most memorable and transversal features of this program, what are the best reasons for doing a Master’s Degree and how can they help prepare graduates for today's changing business landscape?

Personality and Soft Skills Development

"In addition to the academic and strategic business skills that allowed me to get into a real estate finance role, I developed some valuable soft skills. I gained self-confidence and learned to work effectively in teams", Rubina Insam, EHL Master in Global Hospitality Management graduate.

The MGH program concentrates heavily on the fact that soft skills are key to the hospitality sector since it is first and foremost a “people business”. Whether back or front of house, there are few touch-points in this industry that do not involve human exchange. Whether between employees, teams or customers, the more this exchange is imbued with a spirit of empathy, agility, collaboration and communication, the better the outcomes. The human-centric leadership style aims to achieve both individual and collective impact that effectively replies to the needs of all stakeholders.

"In the continually evolving global business landscape, embracing leadership skills that harness the power of people by prioritizing cultural sensitivity is the pivotal element for both individual and collective performance. It's the strategic intersection where the pursuit of exceptional customer experiences transforms from a mere objective into a defining organizational ethos", Dr. Nicole Hinrichs, Associate Dean Degree Programs.

Ambitious future leaders need to understand that success depends as much on how well they deliver a tight business plan as it does on how well they manage the people-centricity of their team and mindset. Furthermore, the soft skills associated with hospitality are today even more sought-after across industry due to the renewed call for optimal human interaction in the post-pandemic landscape.

During the program, MGH classes are kept small to make sure that the students have a real one to one relationship with the professors, and that their fellow students - with whom they travel the world and share this wonderful experience eventually - turn into family, which is one of the core values at EHL.

"Given that we have a history of dealing in a human business, we aim to teach a human-centric approach to hospitality management and leadership, because we think happy employees create happy customers. Hence the focus should not be on the customers, it should be on the employees. Leading with humility, empathy and self-awareness - all this is built into the DNA of the graduate academic content. We start as a team and finish as a team; maintaining the cohort group feeling is key to the MGH program", Dr. Achim Schmitt, Dean of EHL Graduate School.


Cultural Nuances: experience the lifestyle on three different continents

Not only do classes have a cultural mix of on average 14 different nationalities, but one of the biggest assets of the program is the cultural immersion and field trips students will experience during the year and a half of study. Each of the three semesters are located on a different continent, providing the students with a very different lifestyle experience for approximately five months. Understanding cultural nuances and developing awareness of personal cultural biases is an important aspect that the MGH program explores.

Throughout each of these semesters the students are taken on three different field trips to visit hotels and restaurants. While in Lausanne the students are taken to Paris, Berlin, and Lisbon; in Hong Kong they are taken to Macau, Beijing, and Shanghai; in Houston they are taken to Washington DC, Mexico & Las Vegas.

"In Hong Kong, my favorite thing to do was to discover the restaurants and bars of this vibrant city, visit the beaches and search for the best vistas on the hills of the island. The campus is in Kowloon, which is the less westernized part compared to Hong Kong Island, making it an amazing location for anyone interested in stepping into Asian culture", Rubina Insam

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Why is career planning important?

This program is geared for those looking to continue working within the hospitality industry. Upon graduation some students go on to work for the companies with which they did their Capstone Project - one of their biggest projects throughout the program. Thanks to the numerous business field trips, students are given ample networking opportunities and the chance to meet numerous leaders from the industry.

"I probably met more than a hundred industry professionals, and every time it was an opportunity to perfect my personal strategy for making a lasting first impression. This is essential in my line of work as I have to convince clients to trust in me, my professionalism and skills", Rubina Insam

The MGH also provides an easy access to the fast track trainee programs that most hotels offer these days. It is a qualification that implies both hard and soft skills. In brief, it equips students with not only a 360-degree view of the industry and its different departments and challenges, but it also allows them to experience and understand the different cultural needs within different countries.


What about career outcomes?

The MGH offers one seamless program based on academic study, industry exposure and global experience - all taught from three prestigious academic institutions (EHL Lausanne, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Houston University). Built for today’s global hospitality industry, this master's degree ensures professional success by giving you the ability to manage the complexity of worldwide operations, with the local touch that makes great hospitality managers.

What awaits learners are three semesters packed with an exceptional blend of classes, cultural and business immersion periods on three continents, with industry seminars delivered by world-class speakers, a real-life business project and three professional certifications. Students graduate from this program with one diploma from EHL as well as from Polytechnic University of Hong Kong and University of Houston; consequently, they also join the alumni networks of all three universities.

"I chose EHL’s MGH because it is a unique program that offers so much industry exposure and global experience. I was interested in the real-world industry projects, such as the Capstone Project with a real company and the business field trips where you get the chance to meet numerous leaders from the industry", Rubina Insam

How this life changing experience will open new perspectives

"The MGH is life changing! This 18-month program is a quick-starter for careers, especially for students who have hospitality experience that is limited to one area of operations or one area of the world. I probably met more than a hundred industry professionals, and every time it was an opportunity to perfect my personal strategy for making a lasting first impression. This program opens the horizons for your career options and gives you the confidence to take your career to the global stage much faster", Rubina Insam

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