Raw Food Kitchen: The Influence of Nutrition on Our Health

June 28, 2019 •

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Raw Food Kitchen: The Influence of Nutrition on Our Health

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More and more people suffer from intolerances or adjust their diet for health reasons. The EHL SSTH students of the Major Culinary Arts got to know Julia Della Santa in a workshop, who dedicated herself to raw food nutrition for health reasons about four years ago and completed her training as raw boss. In Julia's Loft Kitchen she offers workshops and courses on raw food and vegan nutrition.

What's a raw food kitchen?

The only rule that must be followed in the raw food kitchen is that all foods may be heated to a maximum of 42°C. Raw foods such as nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit naturally contain nutrients. The motto for raw food is: As long as we stay below 42°C, we can mix, puree, grind, dry - or just enjoy it pure and unprocessed.

The Raw Food Chef is dedicated exclusively to raw food dishes.

Those who have to optimize their diet for health reasons, but do not want to miss out on certain food items, can make compromises. In this case, care should be taken to ensure that raw food dishes are frequently incorporated into the diet so that the new form of nutrition can also develop its desired effect.

Advantages of the raw food kitchen

Since the food is heated to a maximum of 42° C, numerous micronutrients such as sensitive vitamins, minerals and enzymes are preserved. In addition, a higher proportion of dietary fibre is measured in the raw food diet, which has a positive effect on health.

A diet rich in fibre supports digestion and consequently strengthens the immune system. By taking additional enzymes and antioxidants, which are found in raw foods, the body can regenerate itself optimally, which can lead to a rejuvenated skin appearance.

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Want some impressions from the Raw Food class? Click here for the photo album:

SSTH Culinary Arts Class in Raw Food Workshop

How can a whole raw food menu look like?

Julia guided the EHL SSTH hotel management students through a whole raw food menu:

  • As a starter they prepared a vegan cheese platter with couscous salad, which also contained chopped cauliflower.
  • The students also learned how to prepare summer rolls with a cashew mousse.
  • The raw vegetables were complemented by a vegetable soup refined with lukewarm Asian spices.
  • The main course was Zoodles, zucchini spaghetti with a raw food bolognese.
  • The highlight was definitely the dessert, a vegan chocolate mousse that the students found very tasty.

Interested in the recipe for the green smoothie, the classic raw vegetable? Click here for Julia's step-by-step guide!

Conclusion of the workshop: Nutrition can influence health

Our Learning: Nutrition has a huge impact on our health. Because heating food destroys important vitamins, it makes sense to consume a large part of your daily food as natural as possible.

A restaurant should also be aware of the important role played by raw food and at least offer individual menus to enable guests to eat a healthy diet.

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