Become a master of time management

August 15, 2017 •

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Become a master of time management

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As we struggle to fit work, family, friends, and more in 24 hours, one understandably ask themselves how they could also find time to learning new material, laborious assignments and exams without sacrificing those precious hours of sleep.

Struggles with time management are common, especially among adult learners. But rest assured that there are ways to manage your stress level and accomplish all of your goals.

Make a plan

Time management is all about being prepared, and to be prepared, you must have a plan. Plan out each week with class assignments and projects, along with other obligations.

Get a planner and schedule regular times each week to prep meals, read the course material, complete housekeeping tasks and relax with your family. This will allow you to feel more confident and organized. IT is all about creating a routine!


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We often find ourselves continuously responding to the most urgent tasks, instead of prioritizing. While everything seems important, some tasks are more time-sensitive than others.

List out all projects on 2 lists: One long-term list for larger weekly projects and a second short-term list for the day to keep track of urgent priorities. Make them both short and focused to keep them manageable and realistic.

Stay focused

Multitasking can be a productivity enemy. To insure you stay focused, set yourself attainable goals and give your attention to one single task at the time.

Find a cozy place to study, away from distractions like email, phone, or kids.

Don't panic

Unexpected illnesses, family emergencies, unpredictable computer problems, or whatever it might be — keep in mind that sudden changes are a part of life. You will therefore need to stay adaptable and flexible.

Maximize any free time (even 10 minutes) by always having your school materials with you. It will help you stay well ahead of deadlines.

Keep your batteries charged

Make sure you take meaningful breaks. In fact, exercise, sleep, healthy eating and relaxing activities are imperatives to stay energized and avoid academic fatigue.

Hit two birds with one stone by taking the kids for a bike ride. IT is all about rethinking the work/studying/family life balance.