13 things to never say during a job interview

June 28, 2019 •

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13 things to never say during a job interview

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Whether it’s your first or fiftieth interview, you may find yourself saying things that jeopardize your chances of landing a hospitality industry job.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but ... to leave unsaid the wrong thing.”

Follow his advice and never say these 13 things during a job interview.

1. Sorry I’m late.

Always arrive a few minutes before your interview and demonstrate that you’ll capable of showing up to work on time, too.

2. Interviews make me nervous.

Practice, practice, practice as you prepare to show off your confidence during a job interview.

3. I really need this job.

Your desperation will turn off a potential employer rather than encourage him or her to hire you.

4. This isn’t my dream job.

Demonstrate your willingness to work hard at any job, even if you secretly aspire to pursue a different job or career path in the future.

5. I hate my job and have the worst boss ever.

Potential employers want to know that you’re a supportive team player who has learned from past experiences. For these reasons, stay positive during your interview.

6. Excuse me, I have to take this call.

Turn off your cellphone before an interview, and give your potential employer respect.

7. What services or products does your company offer?

Research the company before your interview so you can show how you’ll fit into the company’s culture.

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8. I don’t have experience for this position but can learn.

Focus on showing that you’re qualified for the position instead of pointing out where you are lacking.

9. Read my resume.

Of course, your resume includes details about your education, skills, previous work experience, and qualifications. However, an interviewer may want to evaluate your communication abilities and hear what words on a page cannot express.

10. I don’t have transportation lined up yet.

Show your potential employer that you are available and ready to work.

11. When do I get a vacation or a raise?

Wait until after you receive a job offer to negotiate your benefits package. Otherwise, you appear arrogant and focused on yourself rather than on what you can offer the company.

12. I don’t have any questions.

Ask questions that help you evaluate if the company culture and job responsibilities will be a good fit for you.

13. Did I get the job?

According to a Jobvitesurvey, only 17 percent of the people who interview for a position receive a job offer, and you could wait up to three weeks to hear back from a potential employee.

It’s fine to let the interviewer know that you’re interested in the job, but prepare to be patient as you wait to hear if you got it.