Green Smoothie, the Raw Food Classic

June 28, 2019 •

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Green Smoothie, the Raw Food Classic


Do you suffer from intolerances, have you adapted your diet for health reasons or would you like to eat vegan? Then we have the green smoothie, the ultimate raw food classic for you that gives you the extra power for everyday life. A recipe by Alina Fritzwallner, student of the EHL Passugg Major Culinary Arts.

Why raw food?

By heating the food to a maximum of 42° C, numerous micronutrients can be preserved. For example, sensitive vitamins, minerals and enzymes. In addition, the higher proportion of dietary fibre in raw food nutrition has a positive effect on health. The fibre-rich diet supports digestion and consequently strengthens the immune system. This gives you the extra power for a stressful school day.

The golden rules of green smoothies

But when preparing the smoothie classic, there are a few rules to follow:

  • Only vegetables and fruits that grow above ground should be used. No root vegetables, because they can lead to flatulence.
  • The amount of green in the smoothie should change every three days. To protect the plant itself, the leaf green contains a small amount of alkaloids, which can lead to poisoning if consumed frequently.
  • Before adding nuts, seeds or cereals, soak them in water overnight. Soaking neutralizes the phytic acid, which otherwise prevents the absorption of vital minerals.
  • Slowly start introducing smooties into your diet. Do not overtax your digestion with the new diet and slowly feel your way to the new diet.

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The ultimate EHL Passugg green smoothie recipe

To prepare the EHL Passugg Smoothie Classic, carefully mix the following ingredients together:

  • celery stalks
  • apple
  • orange
  • parsley
  • banana: fresh from the freezer
  • young spinach: for the green part
  • peppermint
  • aloe Vera: for calming and strengthening the digestive organs
  • dates: for a natural sweetness
  • coconut water: contains many healthy ingredients
  • soaked quinoa: contains essential amino acids and vitamins

Enjoy your meal!

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