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How to make EHL's guilt-free gluten & lactose-free chocolate brownie recipe

Julien Boutonnet
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Currently kicking up a storm in the EHL food court, these deeply rich chocolate brownies should please everyone's palate since they are devoid of the commonly-known troublesome ingredients.  

Ingredients & instructions

For the ground pecans and crunchy mix:

  • Pecan nuts - 2000 gr
  • Dark choc chips - 1502 gr 
  1. Roast the pecans at 145°C for 10 mins.
  2. Leave to cool down, then blitz in small quantities in a Thermomix blender for 3 seconds at 4.5 speed.
  3. Sieve the ground pecans and keep for making the brownies.
  4. Mix the bigger pecan pieces with the choc chips and add:
  5. 7 gr on the top and 7 gr at the bottom of the small brownies mixture,
  6. 30gr on the top and 30 gr at the bottom of the large brownies mixture.


For the brownies:

  • Dark chocolate (66%) - 201 gr
  • Cocoa paste - 23 gr
  • Lactose-free butter - 143 gr
  • Brown sugar - 143 gr
  • Eggs (approx. 3 small) - 137 gr
  • Fleur de sel - 1.6 gr
  • Ground pecans (or almonds) - 51 gr
  • Rice flour - 51 gr
  • Lactose-free cream - 61 gr
  1. Melt the cocoa paste, chocolate and butter together at 62°C.
  2. Lightly blanche the sugar and eggs, and add to the chocolate mixture.
  3. Add in the dry ingredients, and lastly the cream. Mix well. 
  4. Choose your mold form: either 55 gr small cup molds or a 350 gr big ring mold.
  5. Bake at 180°C for 12 mins.


Chef's tip:

These brownies are best consumed lukewarm to better savor their chocolate flavor. They can be served with ice cream, custard or seasonal red fruit coulis.

Since 2015, Julien Boutonnet has been working at EHL as Senior Lecturer in Practical Arts, specializing in pastry and dessert courses at EHL.

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