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4 free personality tests for student or young professional

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As a student or young professional, you have to make important decisions that will impact your future greatly whether with your professional or personal life. Getting to know yourself better, exploring different aspects of who you are and uncovering facets of your character or behavior you are not aware of, can be a great source of guidance in these choices.

As we know that being truly self-aware is hard and while we know personality tests might not be 100% accurate, we have collected below 4 free online tests that can provide you some guidance on potential career or study paths.

1. 16 Personalities

The 16 Personalities test is available in 30 languages. It is based on the Myers-Briggs personality theories meant to determine an extensive overview of who you are. This test will help you understand how you communicate and relate to others, what you value and pursue, and how you make decisions.

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2. Crystal

The Crystal free test is based on the DISC personal assessment tool that explains with what kind of personality you work well with, The ones you might have conflict with and mutual perception.

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3. TestColor

The TestColor is often used by psychologists and psychoanalysts. It basically helps you understand your emotional inteligence. But it goes one step further by giving real insights on your work style.

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4. Human Metrics

The Human Metrics test is rather fun as it shows you with which famous personality you compare. It is also great as it indicates which career or study path is most suitable for your personality type. Beware to not take the results to an extreme and still consider your passions when making that decision.

Take the Human Metrics test

Finally, these personality test are meant to be thought-provoking indicators and not set in stone. As you evolve, your results may vary. But nonetheless, it can give you interesting insights on why and how you make decisions, who you work well with, and how to modify your attitude towards people. In both your work and personal life, this information can be a game changer.


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