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Make yourself at home: The rules of etiquette expected by Sacha Guitry

Those who have met Christophe Laurent, our Senior Lecturer Practical Arts & EHL Values Ambassador, certainly keep a fond memory of what he transmitted and the impact he had in their daily habits.

Today, he shares with us the rules in the code of good conduct imposed by Sacha Guitry to his guests:

Sacha Guitry an artist and writer of the 20th century, despite being married 5 times, he was renowned as a misogynist. His plays and works were part of the Parisian life. He really liked entertaining on his estate at Yainville in Normandy and had written a code of good conduct displayed in all guest’s rooms.

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  1. We wish to devote this first rule to welcome you and inform you: you are at home here, although be aware this is a way of talking.

  2. No need should occur for us to repeat that your room has been selected with care; it is pointless for you to persist wanting to change.

  3. You can find easily at the head of the bed, a small knob connected to a wire, it's the bell! In this regard, we believe we must remind you the old French adage: one is never better served than by himself.

  4. If you are used to go to bed early do not change your habits. Resident’s staying in rooms overlooking the lobby will pay attention not to disturb while sleeping the conversations of those who do not sleep.

  5. The key to the cellar is at the disposal of gentlemen guests. We refer to the coal cellar.

  6. At the table whatever appetite you might have, remember that you are never the last one helping yourself from the dishes.

  7. Guests invited from Saturday to Monday are kindly requested not to extend their stay beyond the following Wednesday.

  8. Sadly all happy moments will terminate. When this dreadful hour of your departure has arrived, make sure that your decision is definite. Do not try to make us understand that you are on your way, without any delay, just say I am leaving! We will be as brave as you, we will quickly indicate to you the train’s timetable and we want mention your departure any more. We do not want that your departure remain a souvenir for us. That souvenir is that you have stayed with us!
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