EHL Success Stories: Natacha Reymond, Co-founder of Allure Sauvage

August 19, 2019 •

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EHL Success Stories: Natacha Reymond, Co-founder of Allure Sauvage

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For the 6th edition of EHL Success Stories, we welcomed 8 of our Alumni to share their success. The topic this year was sustainability.

Who is Natacha Reymond?

Natacha Reymond (AEHL 2016) is the founder of Allure Sauvage: “Ethically-made designer products"

After her graduation, Natacha joined L’Oréal Luxury division, and studied Entrepreneurship at InnoSuisse where she developed her concept Allure Sauvage. She won a prize for her concept and was offered a 3-month stay at Fongit incubator. After which she dedicated herself 100% to her project.

She currently studies for a Master’s degree in Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability at the University of Geneva.


Can you describe yourself when you started EHL in one word versus now?

When I started, I was "young and careless". Now, I am more "conscious and bold".


What are the best moments you keep from your studies at EHL?

Definitely my final semester: L’Oréal Brandstorm and SBP (Student Business Project). They gave me the very first insights into project management and entrepreneurship.

Looking at where you stand today, how do you think EHL made a difference in your life?


EHL gave me the necessary tools to go after what I want. EHL has made me someone that is open and not scared to go ask for things and talk to people I do not know, which provides great opportunities.


What were the most rewarding experiences during your studies at EHL?

Winning the swiss finals of the L’Oréal Brandstorm, being supported by professor and the administration to fly us to the international finals.

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Tell us something that you learned at EHL and that you are using every day.

Presentation skills! From a marketing and communication standpoint, I learned it all by presenting case studies every week for Maggie Chen and other professors and have made me comfortable talking to cameras and large audiences today.


How do you see your career evolving?

I would like to keep working on Allure Sauvage if everything goes well but am also looking to develop into Sustainability within the private sector.


What would you advice to young people that are not sure about their career aspirations?

Go work, experience the “real working life” and try careers that you may potentially enjoy.

I was once passionate about digital marketing and later found at it was not as much fun as I thought and completely headed towards a new direction. I’m glad I didn’t poursue a Master in this field before having experienced it!



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