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EHL Success Stories: Startup Edition - JOMO

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EHL Success Stories: Start Up Edition is a new series to show support to our EHL Family and, more specifically, our hard-working AEHL entrepreneurs. The goal of this project is to showcase EHL’s entrepreneur mindsets, support new and upcoming ideas, and businesses. While overcoming a challenging time for all businesses, these Start Ups prove to us that resilience and hard work can overcome any problems.

For this feature we present to you: JOMO, short for Joy of Missing Out. A sustainable clothing company founded by two very recent alumni. Vincent and Mariana made the most of their time during quarantine and created an apparel brand that promotes self-enriching activities.

We had the chance to speak to them about their brand, their motivations and their tough times.

Can you present yourself in a couple of words?

My name is Mariana Cermeli, I am half Venezuelan and half Swiss. I am Vincent Quiblier, from France. We both graduated in February 2020, so not long ago. For now, we are living between Switzerland and France.

Can you tell us more about JOMO?

JOMO Shop is a lifestyle clothing brand dedicated to promoting the Joy of Missing Out on ethical and sustainable garments. Our goal with JOMO is to encourage people to embrace ‘missing out’ on things they don’t want to do and only taking part in the things that make them scream “Yes!”. It’s our mission to help people rise above social pressures and the fear of missing out that is attached to saying no. We believe that by embracing JOMO, you can free up time in your life to do self-enriching activities we never have time to do.  


Can you tell us the story of how it all started?

Upon graduating from EHL, our plan was to move to South America and live our lives by the ocean. However, with the Global pandemic going on, we had to cancel all of our plans and stay home. To keep our minds busy during the long quarantine days, we decided to start something together that would be hands-on and meaningful. The fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world, so we began to develop our own ethical and respectful brand. That’s how the idea of quality clothing on ethical and bio cotton fabric started.

In addition to the sustainable aspect, we also wanted our brand to stand for something. The months of lockdown, was a rare moment in life where FOMO didn’t exist. There were no anxious feelings over missing an event that was happening, or friends seeing each other, or even more missing a party. We realized that without the constant fear of FOMO, we could focus on the things we say we never have time to do. We, therefore, named our brand JOMO, to remind ourselves to embrace this mentality and lifestyle on our everyday life post quarantine.

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How long has your company been around?

Founded in March 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has now been 7 months that we are working on JOMO and 4 months that we have opened our online shop.


How did EHL played a role to develop your ideas?

We can say that EHL has played a huge role not only in creating, but in the growth of our company. Throughout our studies, we each developed different set of skills that have helped us develop our brand. Also, it is thanks to our EHL friends and network support that we were able to have such a good start on our sales. Finally, we met at EHL so it is thanks to this experience that we are together!

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How was your experience during the pandemic?

We started during the pandemic, and the lockdown has been the tipping point of the creation of JOMO. Being home, not feeling anxious of missing any social gatherings was what really encouraged us and just do it.


What was your biggest challenge faced during the past few months?

We would say that the biggest challenge has been balancing our professional and personal relationship.


What advice would've you given your 2019 self?

Don’t bother planning out your life, take one day at a time.

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