How to choose the right School? Tips from students & alumni

February 08, 2016 •

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How to choose the right School? Tips from students & alumni

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Continuing our tips on how to choose the right school we discuss today the importance of a field of study, future employability and academic reputation.

Field of study & Employability

Many of you may not know exactly what you want to do after graduating so choosing a field of study that strengthens your analytical and research skills, develops your leadership and managerial potential and opens a lot of doors can be an appropriate choice. For hospitality enthusiasts, combining solid knowledge with technical understanding, practical experience within a hands-on environment offers the key elements for a successful career.

While choosing a major, employability is an important consideration. If college has always been a route to better jobs, some majors are better equipped than others to encourage your entry into the working world. Networking opportunities, professional projects, internships, career fairs are all elements that can set you off to a good start.

Also consider whether the school’s alumni network is organized, active and recruits current students. It can definitely be an essential contact point, provide valuable support and advice internationally.

Karim Karouni, EHL bachelor student:
I chose the hospitality industry because of my passion for working with people and the endless opportunities offered in this fast-growing industry. EHL is the perfect place to get both the practical and theoretical experience while meeting people from all over the world. After all, it’s the best!

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Academic reputation

The perceived academic reputation of a school and its accreditation is an important factor for employers when reviewing a job applicant's educational history and it should therefore be important for you.

With globalization, this element may need to be considered differently and choosing a school with international or multiple accreditations is increasingly common. It will guarantee that your degrees will be recognized worldwide.

The college brand you choose and its reputation will be a reflection of you own reputation for a lifetime.

Anne Treacy-Pelichet, EHL Alumni and admission officer:
In my sense, it is important to choose a school not only for what it will bring you during those 3-5 years but for what it will bring you for the rest of your life. An alumni carries in fact the reputation of the school and is responsible for it also. That is part of what has contributed to EHL's strong reputation all these years.

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