Dr Inès Blal, Managing Director & Executive Dean at EHL was speaker at the SHS Swiss Innovation Day 2020 with her keynote presentation «Challenges and opportunities in training and learning during COVID-19».

In this brief video interview, Inès shares her EHL experiences from the moment of lockdown: how EHL changed to remote learning over one weekend, retrained their teaching staff and supported the students. Thanks to committed and well-organized pedagogical teams, EHL is now embracing the new hybrid education model and entering into a new phase of digital learning that focuses on how best to engage students and their potential.

“The crisis showed us that we have so many skills, and that learning and adapting is possible” – Dr Inès Blal.

Inès also speaks about the importance of investing in human capital. It’s a difficult time for students in the hospitality sector looking for internships, not to mention the graduates then looking for jobs. Reinforcing the hospitality community and widening the professional scope outside the industry, as well as trying to create alternatives is critical.

“Innovation comes from restrictions. That’s the power of humans!” – Dr Inès Blal.

André Baljeu, founder at techtalk.travel, spoke with Dr Blal at the Swiss Innovation Day #SID20 last August at the Maag Halle in Zurich, Switzerland. The #SID20 was the first industry reunion and event for the Swiss Hospitality and Hotel Industry after the 2020 lockdown. The industry event was organized by SHS Swiss Hospitality Solutions and SHS Swiss Academy.

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Associate Professor at EHL Hospitality Business School