July 04, 2017 •

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Best rooftops in Lausanne Switzerland

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Classes are over, the sun is out and students are ready to enjoy the summer.

Here is a compilation of the best rooftops of Lausanne: 3 atmospheres for 3 different occasions.

Sky Lounge at the Royal Savoy

With its 360 ° panoramic view of Lausanne, the Royal Savoy Hotel's new SkyLounge is the new rooftop of the city. From lunch to dinner, it offers refined meals inspired by culinary trends from the 5 continents. We recommend it for a tasty lunch – Try the “Cow that went to Asia” tartar - in a cosmopolitan and sophisticated atmosphere.

Friend's Café

As its name indicates, this rooftop is the perfect place to catch up with friends. It is located on top of LHotel, a hotel situated on Place de L’Europe - who would have guessed? Overlooking the urban jungle of Flon, one can appreciate the early evening energy of the city while sipping a delicious cocktail and savor appetizers. Make sure you don’t miss the after-work promotions!

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Xoxo Club

The Xoxoclub cosy lounge terrace overlooking the Flon, is the ideal setting to gossip with friends during warm summer nights. Its reputation was built around is decadent mojito offering and the wide choice of flavors for those who would like to share a chicha. With the club downstairs, it is an all-in-one place for an evening outing!