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VET by EHL: a new turnkey programme for the hospitality industry

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Earlier on this year, EHL launched its turnkey education program, VET by EHL, for the hospitality industry and is currently inviting applications from Indian and Chinese academic institutions. Based on one of the best education models in  the world, the Swiss Competency Framework, this program is a blend of skills training, strong learning outcomes and a competence-oriented structure of training content.

The world’s leading provider of hospitality education, the EHL Group, responds to the growing call for globally accessible professional training with VET by EHL - its turnkey vocational education and training solution. Provided by the Group’s consultancy arm (EHL Advisory Services), the licensing model developed in Lausanne, Switzerland, offers organizations and training centers around the world the opportunity to deliver best-in-class programs and administer EHL-approved professional diplomas.

Access to learning is fast evolving, and the current global health crisis has only accelerated the need for new substance, formats, and delivery. Based on this observation, the EHL Group has updated a scalable, affordable and attractive learning solution for potential youngsters interested in working in the hospitality industry as well as to support adults who have opted for a career change. The new offering is a blended skill training model based on the Swiss Competency Framework, regarded as one of the best education models in the world, characterized by a strong learning outcomes approach and a competence-oriented structure of training content.

EHL’s licensed program is a simple turnkey solution for learning centers (schools, universities and other educational institutions) to quickly and efficiently implement a program benefiting from decades of experience from EHL Advisory Services.

At the point of writing, the Vocational Education & Training Program, VET by EHL, has already been implemented by learning centers in Greece, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan and 20 additional locations have already signed an agreement to purchase the solution and offer it to their local talents by the end of 2020.

With this 10-step process, you will have all the tools you need to master the critical areas of a successful school.

Preparing for a post COVID-19 world

Before the global COVID-19 outbreak, the hospitality industry accounted for 10% of global employment, with approximately 319 million jobs in hospitality, travel and tourism. While it is still too early to estimate precisely the impact of the pandemic, one thing is for sure: in its recovery effort, the global hospitality industry will face a strong need for a highly educated workforce. Access to a more nimble and flexible education system will therefore be key.

The current gap between demand and supply of trained workforce in India is almost at a shortfall of 80%. Current employers also feel that the workforce being supplied does not match the industry's high expectations. Presently, three types of institutions are on the supply side: public or private institutions providing general training - some of them partner with leading industry players, Learning and Development Institutions working with employers to upgrade workforce skills and government-run skill-improvement schemes. While the number of institutes in the space has increased, the quality of training imparted differs, impacting employability and pay.

Considering India's role as a global hospitality workforce supplier, India will experience increased demand during the COVID-19 recovery phase, giving rise to entry-level staff and supervisors' requirements who are well-equipped to handle the 'new normal.'

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Whilst in China, entities most affected by the epidemic, such as catering, hospitality, tourism, film and media, have all seen a recovery from varying degrees seven weeks after Chinese New Year, according to Chinese major recruitment platform BOSS Zhiping Research Institute. Among them, the employment demands for catering and hospitality talents recovered to about 50% and the monthly growth is over 20% every month, compared to the same period last year.

In July, the occupancy of Marriott hotels on the mainland recovered to 60.3%. Hotels in popular summer destinations, such as Hainan, attracted a lot of domestic tourists, with particularly strong market performance due to international travel restrictions. Considering the National Day golden week in fall 2020, it is assumed that the tourism industry is about to see a greater demand of hospitality professionals.

To keep up with this upcoming rapid growth and the urgent need for skilled professionals to enter the workforce, the VET educational system offers a good alternative to traditional university programs, providing closer relation to the industry, skills development, and cheaper, more accessible education. Many schools, industry players, governments or independent investors have therefore been looking to create vocational education and training for their people, however no comprehensive and industry-driven approach had yet emerged from the hospitality field itself.

The EHL Group’s vision is to reach 1 million people worldwide within the next few years, producing, 900k operational staff through VET, as well as managers and leaders through its university programs.


A choice of topics and levels

The course materials are developed by EHL’s faculty, and a digital learning platform is made available for a flexible and tailored experience. All learning outcomes are validated by a range of assessments to challenge and develop students’ practical skills and theoretical knowledge. The packaged learning solution developed by EHL Advisory Services offers a flexible range of training programs in Kitchen, Service, Rooms or Hotel Administration that follow EHL’s world-renowned quality-assurance standards:

Foundation Certificate | 6 months

For students from the age of 16 and entry-level professionals.

Upon graduation: Progress to the Intermediate module or take up basic line staff positions.

Intermediate Certificate | 12 months

For working individuals with 1 or 2 years’ related work experience looking to advance in their career.

Upon graduation: Progress to the Advanced module or re-enter industry in a more advanced position.

Advanced Certificate | 18 months

For working individuals with 3+ year related work experience looking to advance in their career.

Upon graduation: Enter or re-enter industry at improved position with supervisor position perspective in 1–2 years.

"We are very excited about this new product. To train service-minded, effective hospitality professionals, the VET programs use a typically Swiss hybrid (hands-on and academic) learning approach with a focus on practical learning. This will allow us to further close the gap on the much-needed qualified personnel in the global hospitality industry and give new opportunities to ambitious young professionals around the world - Olivier Roux, Senior Managing Director of EHL Advisory Services."


VET by EHL’s Learning Management System

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