With These 5 Tools You Can Learn Soft Skills Online

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With these 5 tools you can learn soft skills online

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If you want to learn hospitality soft skills online, first you have to know which soft skills are the most essential for success in the hospitality industry. For that, you want to consider what the job roles are in the hospitality business. For example, wait staff would need to learn things like organizational skills and customer service. Housekeeping staff would need to learn things like teamwork and how to manage time. Management in the hospitality industry would want to learn things like problem solving. Reception staff would also want to learn communication and organizational skills.

1. How to learn Organizational Skills online?

It is possible to learn organizational skills online. When you take an organizational skills course online, you can expect to learn things like:

  • How to be proactive
  • How to make lists and schedules
  • How to be on time
  • How to make a filing system
  • How to minimize interruptions

There are a number of places where you can learn organizational skills online including Courses For Success. They offer an online course and certificate. According to the course outline, you learn critical thinking, how to use strategic planning, how to establish effective ways of filing information and storing supplies, how to organize workspaces, how to avoid procrastination and increase focus and how to be more organized in general.

2. How to learn Customer Service online?

It may be hard to imagine, but it is definitely possible to learn customer service skills online. When you take such a course, you will learn things like:

  • How to be empathetic with customers
  • How to build natural rapport
  • How to become an active listener
  • How to take ownership of problems
  • How to identify and manage negative attitudes

One of the best places to learn customer service skills online is through LinkedIn learning. There is a particularly good LinkedIn learning course called Customer Service Foundations. This course is designed to teach the core Foundation soft skills that a customer service hospitality professional would need to know. According to the course description, the skills covered in the course include customer service and how to exceed customer expectations.

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3. How to learn Teamwork online?

Learning teamwork online may seem impossible, if you are in a solo situation where you may be isolated from others. However, there are some very solid online teamwork courses that you can take to improve this soft skill for the hospitality industry. When you take an online teamwork course, you can expect to learn things like:

  • How to communicate well in a group setting
  • How to work with difficult group members
  • How to better understand human interaction
  • How to motivate team members

Learning teamwork in an online course can actually be fun. One possible course for you to consider is offered by Class Central. They have an online course called Teamwork Skills: Communicating Effectively in Groups. This course is separated into several different modules so that the student is not overwhelmed by the amount of material. In this course you will learn about decision making in a team environment, identifying traps that groups typically fall into, and how to develop better methods for making smart group decisions.

4. How to learn to Manage Time online?

Time management is an essential soft skill and almost every industry, but it is very important for the hospitality industry. If you don't know how to manage time, it will make your job harder for yourself and others. Some of the things that you might learn in a time management course online are:

  • How to avoid distractions
  • How to be on time, every time
  • How to recognize time-wasting
  • How to work more efficiently

When you're ready to learn time management in an online course, there's no better choice than to go with the Dale Carnegie School. The course is called Time Management and it consists of four sessions with three-hour workshops. In this course, you'll learn how to keep out mental distractions, get rid of bottlenecks that inhibit your workflow and find new ways to maximize your time efficiency.

5. How to learn Problem Solving online?

Knowing how to problem-solve is important for the management staff of any Hospitality business. Problem solving is not a skill that everyone is born with. It's a skill that is learned and luckily, you can learn it online with certain courses. In a problem-solving course, you can expect to learn things like:

  • How to correctly identify the core problem
  • How to come up with creative solutions
  • How to brainstorm
  • How to use logic to solve a problem
  • How to implement the solution

Learning how to problem-solve online can be very rewarding when you choose the right online course. One of the best problem solving courses that you can take online is also offered by LinkedIn. The course is called problem-solving techniques. According to the course description the skills covered in the course include decision-making and problem-solving. You will learn specific techniques for how to identify the real cause of a problem, how to come up with different options, and how to choose from multiple possible solutions.

As you can see, you can learn all the soft skills that you need for the hospitality industry online. The key is to using the best resources so that you can actually make the most of your learning time. The hospitality industry offers exciting and rewarding career opportunities for people from all walks of life and all ages. When you take the initiative to improve your soft skills, you are more likely to be able to obtain a job in the hospitality industry, and you are much more likely to build a successful and rewarding career!

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