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Student Testimonial: Li Yifu, PIF Program EHL Passugg

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Hello, I'm Li Yifu, I graduated from the Dalian Maple Leaf School (High School) and started my studies at the EHL in Passugg in January 2020. 

Currently I have returned to China and continue my studies online. The professional habit of campus and hotel management remains even in extraordinary situations.

Learn more about my choice of studies and the campus here.

Li Yifu

I chose the EHL because of the high academic level and the far-reaching brand influence.

I believe that anyone who dreams of entering the hotel management profession knows the international role of EHL in the business and academic world. Besides the schools, the EHL has a consulting company. This consulting firm now works with many world-famous large companies, so the influence of the EHL brand is growing. Brand awareness and alumni network are very important for future employment. In terms of the academy, the EHL has been the world's number one for a long time.

The EHL Campus Passugg (SSTH) was taken over by the EHL Group in 2013. The two locations are different, but not worth more or less. When choosing the best study location individually, it is important to know both locations so that you can choose the perfect education for yourself.

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What are the differences between the two EHL locations Lausanne and Passugg?

During the first week of my arrival in Switzerland, I had the opportunity to visit the Lausanne campus in person and to get to know it. The EHL campus in Passugg gives me a compact and familiar atmosphere though. We know all the teachers and fellow students, which would not be possible in Lausanne because of its size.

The lectures and practical lessons on the campus in Passugg are very meticulously and patiently arranged. It is very important to the teachers that the tempo is right for all students and that the content of the lesson is communicated in a way that is understandable to everyone. They are always open to answer questions and explain everything in detail. At the EHL campus in Passugg, traditional Swiss teaching is offered in small classes, which for me is what distinguishes the high quality standard.

Li Yifu ist learning wine service at EHL Passugg

I think every interested student has to decide for himself which campus suits him best. If you aim for a high academic level right from the start and have a good anti-stress strategy, the EHL Campus Lausanne is certainly the right choice. If you prefer a more traditional school system with a personal flair, then I recommend the EHL Campus in Passugg. 

My entry into the PIF basic course

The first semester I came to the EHL campus in Passugg was a preparation for the undergraduate course in Hospitality Management. The reason I decided to take the PIF course was that I wanted to learn exquisite hotel management skills. I first wanted to practice in a protected environment and learn how hotel management is set up. The PIF basic course gives me a solid foundation to understand the hotel from the ground up and offers me the opportunity to start studying in this area afterwards.

I remember that before I arrived at EHL Passugg I was full of expectations and looking forward to my own university life. After my arrival in Passugg I got to feel the tradition of the hotel management school, which has been established since 1966. From the very beginning, the experience gained over decades provided an exquisite learning environment at a very high level.

The PIF course consists mainly of practical units in the restaurants, the coffee bar and in the kitchen. In this part I was able to explore the profession directly through holistic practice. The PIF course also allowed me to determine whether hotel management was the right choice for me or not. 

For the theory course it is most important to learn some German in advance to make the PIF theory course easier. Another important point is to learn to understand the hotel culture. The side effect of PIF is that the teachers have taught me how to teach myself good learning and living habits so that I can go through my studies with confidence. I am sure that if I follow the good advice, there will be no limits to my future career. 

Li Yifu is showing the EHL Passugg Campus

Finally, I wish all students to be able to realize their own dreams. As a student of the EHL Passugg Campus I would like to say that you are always welcome to join our warm international family!

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