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Sustainable Hotels and Restaurants: How to make a 5-star resort more sustainable

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Food and beverage (F&B) represents one of the largest segments of the hospitality industry and is a vital component in driving ancillary revenue growth within hotels. Optimizing the F&B offering of a hotel can therefore benefit both environment and business.

Sustainable Hotels and Restaurants: How to make a 5-star resort more sustainable

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz set the objective to create a sustainable F&B concept, which would have a maximum sustainability approach while supporting their high-end positioning.

LeftLovers Sustainable Concept

What to do with leftover cherry tomatoes or orange peel? Well, easy, you eat them! Unused food can be transformed into creative new dishes that are absolutely delicious, with no guilty aftertaste.

LeftLovers shows how multifaceted unused food is, and how sustainability can work in a luxury setting. For example, the leftover rice from the Sushi Take-Away is transformed into crispy rice balls or the home-made lemonade is created from orange peel. To avoid food waste in the first place, the French fries are made out of unpeeled potatoes, Ketchup and mayonnaise are served from glass bottles instead of plastic packaging and the meals are served on biodegradable plates. For partner products, attention is paid to organic and climate-neutral production, short delivery routes, and sustainable farming.

Sustainability brings people together

Business leaders see that climate change is no longer a distant threat. Nearly 30% of executives say their organizations already feel the operational impacts of climate-related disasters, and more than a quarter are facing a scarcity of resources due to climate change. In the midst of these direct impacts, the majority of business executives acknowledge that the world is now at a tipping point to act if we are to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The Business Plan projects taught at EHL Campus Passugg with the support of industry leaders like the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz reflects the shared desire of both institutions to promote innovative and sustainable practices in the hospitality industry. Through the cooperation of a well-experienced hotel management team and highly motivated, open-minded students, an innovative and sustainable project has been established that can be used as an example for further initiatives.

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