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Service Excellence Best Practices for the Service Industry

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Franck Louveau

Consultant - Service DNA at EHL Advisory Services

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Service excellence is not just about delivering luxury-level service. By definition, service excellence refers to the ability of service providers to consistently meet and occasionally even exceed customers’ expectations. This implies that the true meaning of excellent service is relative to the service itself and customers’ expectations of it, which also means that the burden of providing excellent customer service falls on even the most budget of brands.


    What do the best Hospitality Companies do to achieve Service Excellence?

    Create value for each and every customer

    Challenge themselves to create magical experiences

    Nurture a service mind-set that resonates with the promise of the brand

    Conduct service culture oriented interviews and surveys

    Everyone practices service excellence (Chairman to the Doorman, Front office & Back office from Top floor to Shop floor)

    Empower their employees

    Deliver consistently on standards

    Create standards based on the voice of the customer (avoiding the perception & reality gap)

    Regular training, coaching & mentoring

    Create high internal benchmarks in relation to service against which they are measured

    Why do the best Hospitality Companies focus on Service Excellence?

    Recognize the value of service excellence as a differentiator

    Reward loyalty

    Engage your customers to become your best advertisers and marketing engine

    Become the company your customers want you to be

    Believe in the word of mouth publicity

    Create value for the customer that generate a lifelong value for the company with a positive impact on bottom line

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