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Franck Louveau

Consultant - Service DNA at EHL Advisory Services

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The Service Blueprint is a detailed graphic representation of the service over time - showcasing the user's journey, the various touch points and channels, alongside the parts behind the scenes that actually bring the service to life.

It helps ensure that everyone involved in delivering the service understands their role and that the user has a coherent experience.


    Why create a Service Blueprint?

    1. It helps create an experience that everyone involved understands

    2. It helps analyze existing services to identify improvements.

    3. It guides the process of prototyping new features.

    4. It helps align front and backoffice processes and crossfunctional teams.

    5. It serves as a basis for user testing ad service design research.

    Service Blueprint Result

    Blueprints are visual maps that identify the key stages, touchpoints and other components that make up a service. A combination of text and graphics may be accompanied by photos or drawings, illustrating specific touchpoints in more detail or providing additional information.

    Blueprints identify for each role the actions performed along each step, including the actions users can see (above the line of visibility), and those that take place in the back office (below the line of visibility).

    Blueprints combine the roles and interactions of the humans, machines (including artificial intelligence) and organizations involved in delivering the service.

    Service Blueprint Template

    Download the template and start mapping out your Service Blueprint.

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