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The 5 Drivers of Company Service Culture

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Franck Louveau

Consultant - Service DNA at EHL Advisory Services

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A service culture is when customers are at the heart of the business. Exceptional service makes customers stick longer with your company and talk positively to their friends about their experience with your business.

According to the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer, 7 out of 10 customers will spend more for good service

An exceptional experience is the true value customers can receive when they invest in your company. To create this exceptional experience for your customers and in order for your business to embrace a servant approach you first need to be introduced and work on 5 key drivers of company service culture.


    Leadership and Communication

    Leadership plays a key role within a company’s culture as employees will mimic leaders’ actions and behaviors in an organization. If you seek a customer service approach, leaders will need to act accordingly for employees to follow. The happier and more satisfied your employees are with their work environment, the better service and experiences your customers will receive. Therefore, Leadership communication and a culture of appreciation are essential to guarantee engaging and satisfied employees. EX impacts CX. In order to promote the service culture within your company, your leaders will need to promote trust, transparency and communication as well a collaborative work environment .

    Organizational values

    Organizations with a healthy culture are 1.5 times more likely to report average revenue growth of more than 15%

    Organizational values together with social interactions are the pillar of any company culture. Only if your values are meaningful and beneficial to your employees, they will transcend into customer service excellence. How to develop a service culture then? Disseminate organizational values to all levels and make sure employees relate to them. Ensure you continuously train to reinforce company values, invest in team activities and build an organizational culture of belonging and inclusion. And make sure to instill humility and transparency into your values.

    Human asset

    At the end of the day it is all about people and you should invest and focus first on your people. Select and engage employees to reinforce and promote the company cultures and values. Involve employees when selecting who is to be included in the brand and culture reinforcement. Align your human asset with the service culture by providing career development opportunities, hiring for culture, training and developing employees to embody your culture as well as uncovering new ways to serve customers, rewarding employees who act in accordance with your culture and creating an atmosphere where communication and transparency are valued.

    Company structure

    Your current organizational structure should support and allow a service culture formation. Communication, transparency, and leadership involvement level come into play when talking about company structure. Maintain open channels of communication and feedback, communicate significant changes to employees and be always accessible. This will promote belongingness and shows that the leadership care.

    Performance management practices

    Seeking continuous improvement is key as well as providing regular feedback, mentoring, and coaching to unleash your employee’s full potential. When it comes to feedback, it has to be professional, regular and two-way. Roles and duties should be clear and revised to ensure employees can deliver as expected. A training program will help refine employees’ skills and help build a service-oriented culture.

    The power of unlocking a service culture lies in perfecting these 5 culture drivers. Leadership has to define clearly the culture and organizational values, getting their employees input in order for them to be willing to adopt these values and deliver exceptional services.

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