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Ana McFee

Business Development Senior Manager at EHL

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Knowing your customers is essential for any business venture, and schools are no exception. Successful education institutions understand what their prospective students want and how to make their program or service available in the most effective way.


    The breadth of knowledge is also important; knowing more than their names, ages, and incomes is required. Knowing your potential students' hobbies, tastes, and interests, as we l as what they watch, listen to, and read, can give you a competitive advantage. Understanding your prospective students' purchasing and learning habits is also critical, as it will help you understand who is most likely to require or desire the program or service you offer and how they prefer to obtain it.

    Tools to better understand your customer

    Conduct Surveys

    Online surveys, social media surveys, email surveys, and face-to-face surveys provide valuable information. The key is to create a survey strategy with clearly defined objectives - focusing on areas where your school needs input or feedback. In order to gain the deepest insights, it's best to combine qualitative customer (student) feedback with quantitative data responses.

    Use Social Listening

    You should identify your followers, their followers, and their location. Discover which brands they like and what keeps them engaged by keeping an eye on their interests. Using social media analytics tools can help you get to know your customers better, such as understanding the impact of your messaging and what interests, engages, and inspires them.

    Sentiment analysis

    In sentiment analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) detects emotions in voice and text data to identify opinions about a brand, institution, service, program, or product.

    Speak with your recruitment and admissions teams

    By communicating regularly with these teams, you will be able to identify and understand your students' and parents' pain points, complaints, objections, as well as the brand's attributes.

    Test the customer experience

    If you follow your students' touchpoints, interactions, and transactions, you will understand what routes they take and identify ways to make their lives easier at your institution.

    Customer Interview

    As a starting point for a genuine conversation, students' interviews (parents and alumni) provide insight into where you can improve to stay current with trends. You can facilitate people's opinions by using a live chat, for example.


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