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EHL's MBA in Hospitality Management for ambitious hotel professionals

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The EHL MBA in Hospitality program is five years old and continues to provide flexible, blended learning to ambitious professionals who want to develop their hotel business skills and further their hospitality management careers. This part-time program is spread over 24 months and requires 15 hours of weekly study time. It is specifically designed for professionals whose time is scarce. MBA Recruitment & Admissions Manager, Anne Treacy-Pelichet, shares with us what makes EHL's MBA such an exciting and career-changing master's degree program.

The best online learning experience for working professionals

With 80% of the curriculum taught online, busy professionals worldwide have access to EHL's unique learning experience without having to put their current working lives on hold. The fact that it's mostly taught remotely is not always liked at the start, but in truth, it’s a very interactive course with plenty of connect sessions, open debates, regular teaching & wellbeing support, plus lots of teamwork and group changes. Yes, there are times when you'll be sat at your computer reading, watching videos, self-learning, but this allows learners to organize their study time around their working schedules. 

Even though the program is delivered mostly online, it's the most concrete, solution-driven and interactive remote learning you can ever experience. It forces you effectively to manage your work life balance, which is, after all, part of important leadership development: learning to harmonize the trio of personal, professional and academic life.

The MBA in Hospitality management program is quite unique in the way that it's dedicated to hotel industry professionals and taught by academics who are experts in their field. The course modules are based on case studies taken from what's happening in the hotel sector today; similarly the 'Meet the Experts' sessions are hosted by industry leaders who are surviving and sharing the challenges of NOW. Our MBA students are receiving and working with the most cutting-edge insights of today. The importance of interactive teamwork.


The importance of interactive teamwork

The program is especially aimed at professionals from the hotel industry who are looking to develop a career in hotel real estate, corporate finance or simply get a hospitality management refresher. Attracting a wide variety of industry professionals aged between 27-60, the cohorts are kept small, varied and collaborative so that every participant brings something to the group. Ideally, all students should have some managerial and team leading experience at a supervisory or systems manager level to share and build upon.

The more seasoned hoteliers often share their operational, managerial and leadership skills with the younger generation learners. Whereas the young, fresh brains might bring in the more trending tech developments and digital  know-how, like eMarketing, social media and new distribution channels. Cohorts are put together in such a way to bring about the richest exchanges from the interactive teamwork.

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Most common FAQs

1. How long will it take? Essentially two years with the chance to extend if necessary. It is hard work and can be quite intense, so a lot of self organization and time management skills are required and soon become part of the learning curve.  

2. Why is the program mostly online? In order to be internationally accessible, the course is mostly delivered online, but it is nevertheless highly interactive and dynamic. It allows students to connect with realities from different countries and latitudes that bring with them new insights in real time.

3. What do I need to qualify? A BA degree in hospitality, tourism or other relevant fields such as business management, plus a minimum of 3 years' work experience in the sector, (excluding internships). 

4. Do I automatically become part of the EHL Alumni network? MBA graduates are invited and encouraged to become part of EHL's global professional network. The 25,000-strong alumni network boasts 70 'chapters' worldwide with between 300 to 400 events happening every year, leading to what are often referred to as "career-long connections". 

5. Where will it lead me afterwards? The MBA in Hospitality management program gives learners new tools for moving onwards and upwards in the hospitality sector, e.g., the latest tools to manage a property, to get the most out of data and finances, and to understand global trends that are impacting. It is considered a career-changing degree to future-proof hotel management skills and develop effective, life-long leadership strategies.


Main win-wins

  • The flexible learning structure is highly appreciated by working students. 
  • The three 1-week onsite sessions at EHL Lausanne campus (20% of the course) allow students to consolidate the interactive work done online, meet the experts, attend masterclasses and develop the prestigious international network.
  • The quality of the teaching is outstanding and remains relevant both on a personal and professional level. 
  • Cohorts are small and facilitate priceless family bonding and collaboration among participants. Such a sense of belonging and camaraderie is rare for an online program.
  • The capstone project (similar to a thesis) is chosen by students based on their professional areas of interest and aspiration, whilst addressing a real-world challenge.
  • There's a big sense of pride and achievement in gaining an MBA from EHL, the world's no.1 hospitality business school



One step ahead

In an industry where uncertainty is always prevalent, the EHL MBA program puts you one step ahead. Combining EHL’s heritage as the world’s first hospitality management school with our forward-thinking lens, we arm you with strategies to advance a hotel’s position and profitability. We also guide you through current innovative best practices and disruptive trends, so that you have the latest insights to thrive as an agile leader. Truly a career-changing opportunity!

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Anne Treacy-Pelichet
Written by
Anne Treacy-Pelichet

Recruitment & Admissions Manager

The EHL MBA is a part-time program spread over 24 months with both in-person and virtual classes. 

Build your skills in finance, marketing, leadership, and risk management, and learn how to make well-informed decisions when faced with unforeseen challenges.

"As someone who had already been in the industry for over 25 years at the time of joining the program, the EHL MBA provided an up-to-date perspective, where much of my knowledge outside my main field of expertise was outdated and no longer relevant. Throughout the different modules, I saw how much our industry has evolved and the speed at which it is continuing to move, highlighting the need for many of us engage in ongoing education in order to stay on top of the latest trends and developments."
Philip Jones - Vice President Operations Gulf (Premium Brands), ACCOR

MBA in Hospitality

Our MBA is the only program of this level geared specifically towards aspiring general managers and executives of a hotel.