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October 06, 2023 •

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Luxury experience – EHL Brand ambassadors explore the world of Cartier

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Dive into the world of luxury with six EHL Brand ambassadors as they share their experiences with Cartier. Their stories provide a unique glimpse into the allure of luxury, exploring what fuels their motivations as ambassadors, how Cartier crafts unforgettable experiences, and the qualities that define exceptional hospitality professionals. Join us as each ambassador shares insights into Cartier's inner workings, their roles, and the standout moments from their luxury experience. These narratives showcase the fusion of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of perfection at the heart of EHL's partnership with the renowned brand.

The allure of the luxury industries – What motivated your role as an EHL Alliance Brand Ambassador?

CHARLES BAJOT: "Being an EHL Alliance Brand Ambassador for Cartier is a unique opportunity to acquire practical skills, industry insights, and an extensive professional network. This role perfectly aligns with my desire for personal and professional growth. It allows me to gain hands-on experience, develop essential skills like communication and leadership, and engage with industry experts.

Moreover, representing a brand like Cartier adds credibility to my profile and opens doors to exciting opportunities in the luxury sector. It's the perfect blend of my passion for luxury and my aspiration to make a meaningful impact."


The world of luxury - Could you describe your role and experiences at Cartier?

HWAYEON CHUNG: "Our roles encompass a wide range of responsibilities, constantly evolving as we actively participate in collaborative events.  Our primary mission is to attract students and cultivate meaningful connections between Cartier and EHL.

One of our initial tasks was to assist in organizing the 'One Day with Cartier' event. Some of us promoting Cartier workshops and ensuring students didn't miss the opportunity to explore what Cartier has to offer. We also engaged with students expressing genuine interest in Cartier, extending invitations to networking events.

We had the privilege of attending Watches and Wonders 2023, which showcased Cartier's dedication and highlighted EHL students' talent. As ambassadors, we gather insights into our peers' expectations, contributing to the success of EHL's partnership with the brand."

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Crafting personalized experience – What does it mean and how can Hospitality students complement the luxury industry?

BENJAMIN LEUTWYLER : "Personalized experiences, as demonstrated by Cartier's enduring success, transcend mere transactions. They involve understanding individual customer needs and forging authentic connections that stand the test of time. In the luxury sector, where clients demand the highest level of personalized care, these experiences are paramount.

Hospitality students, with their educational emphasis on customer service and the creation of welcoming environments, possess the unique ability to craft tailored services that enhance the quality of life and leave a lasting impression. Their skills in designing customer-centric journeys and providing empathetic care lay the foundation for the success of personalized experiences. Additionally, their financial and managerial acumen empowers them to convert these personal connections into lucrative business opportunities, making them invaluable assets to the luxury industry."


Exceeding guest expectations - How does Cartier create a memorable luxury experience?

NATHALIE JEANNERET: "Cartier's distinction lies in its century-old legacy of fine jewelry craftsmanship. Their boutiques showcase impeccable jewels, a testament to their commitment to perfection. What truly sets Cartier apart is the emotional resonance they build through unique pieces. Whether in-store or online, Cartier offers tailored assistance, ensuring each client's expectations are met impeccably. They excel at making every customer feel like a VIP, regardless of their purchase's price. Cartier's attention to detail and personalized service ensure a memorable luxury experience for all.

From my personal experience, even when I purchased a product that was not their most expensive jewel, the Cartier team made me feel incredibly special and valued. From the moment I walked into the store until the moment I completed my purchase and left, their attention to detail and personalized service was extraordinary. Regardless of the price point, Cartier treats each customer with utmost care and respect, ensuring that the luxury experience is memorable and unforgettable for everyone."


Essential skills -  What do Hospitality  professionals need?

FAUSTA TESOLIN: "To provide a superb luxury experience, hospitality professionals must possess 4 essential skills

  • Attention to detail is paramount, especially for premium and VIP guests, requiring a relentless pursuit of perfection.
  • Effective communication is essential, involving active listening, precise speaking, and adaptability to various guests.
  • Empathy, emotional intelligence, and the ability to anticipate and fulfill guest needs are crucial, ensuring comfort and satisfaction.
  • Lastly, professionalism, decorum, honesty, and respect are non-negotiable, inspiring guests' trust and exceeding their expectations."


Memorable Cartier moment?

STELLA RENNHARD: "My best Cartier moment as an EHL Alliance student ambassador was during the annual Watches and Wonders event in Geneva. We had the privilege of a  guided tour of the Maison, where we witnessed Cartier's iconic novelties and gained a deeper understanding of their watchmaking expertise and creativity.

What stood out was the grandeur of Watches and Wonders, providing us with a comprehensive view of Cartier's creative universe. This event was undeniably the highlight of our semester as Cartier ambassadors, deepening our appreciation for the brand's craftsmanship.

In retrospect, we are immensely grateful for this unforgettable journey into Cartier's world."


The future of luxury

In the world of luxury, where elegance meets excellence, the partnership between EHL Alliance Brand Ambassadors and Cartier shows how we're all about creating unique experiences. Each story from these ambassadors is about dedication and the drive for perfection.

As we finish this journey, it's not an end, it's a new beginning. We're excited about the future, where young talents will keep making luxury unforgettable."


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