Fall pumpkin recipes

November 03, 2023 •

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Fall pumpkin recipes for real connoisseurs

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It's that time of year again, autumn is back! In this post you will discover the infinite possibilities offered by this autumn favourite in the kitchen. From delicious soups to sweet desserts. Join us on a culinary journey where the pumpkin is the star. Dive into the flavours of autumn and find inspiration in our pumpkin recipes. Enjoy!

Here are our 9 pumpkin recipes for connoisseurs:


1. Pumpkin recipe: delicious pumpkin waffles with fluffy airy honey and cinnamon butter

Relish in autumnal indulgence with these irresistible pumpkin waffles. Every bite lets you savour the fabulous combination between the delicious taste of pumpkin and the sweet warmth of honey and cinnamon.

These waffles are a real to joy to prepare. They are based on freshly prepared pumpkin puree, which provides the dough with a delicate texture and a delicious taste. The secret lies in the mixture of spices, which enhances the taste of the pumpkin with a pinch of cinnamon and a little vanilla. When you spread the dough onto the waffle iron, the scent of pumpkin and cinnamon will fill your kitchen, making you eager with anticipation for the result. The fluffy airy honey-cinnamon butter is the cherry on top. It melts gently on the warm waffles, giving them a sweet, spicy shine.

These pumpkin waffles are perfect for a cosy weekend breakfast or autumnal brunch with family and friends. Try this recipe and treat yourself to the magic of the pumpkin.

Click here for the autumnal pumpkin recipe


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2. Pumpkin recipe: delicious breakfast pumpkin porridge

This creamy porridge made from oatmeal, pumpkin and a pinch of spice is the perfect start to your day.

This pumpkin recipe is very simple yet incredibly delicious. It is based on fresh pumpkin puree, enhanced with a hint of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. The result is a porridge that tastes like cosy autumn days and warming aromas.

This porridge is versatile and can be customised based to anyone's taste. You can top it with roasted pumpkin seeds, a little yogurt or a pinch of cinnamon for that little extra-special touch. Enjoy every spoonful of this autumnal comfort delicacy and the cosiness of this wonderful pumpkin recipe.

To the pumpkin porridge recipe1440x960_2_Kürbisporridge

3. Pumpkin recipe: pumpkin bread with a pinch of magic

This pumpkin bread brings the flavours of autumn right into your kitchen. With its juicy crumb, soothing scent and warming spices, this pumpkin bread is a real treat for the senses. As well as being very simple to follow, the preparation of this pumpkin recipe is also extremely rewarding. The basis is freshly prepared pumpkin puree, which provides the bread with wonderful moistness and a pure taste. A little cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger brings autumn to life in every slice.

Whether you enjoy it with butter for breakfast in the morning, have it as a side dish with soups or serve it for afternoon tea. So very versatile, this pumpkin bread can suit any occasion.

Step-by-step to the perfect pumpkin bread1440x960_3_Kürbisbrot

4. Pumpkin recipe: creamy baked pumpkin pasta

This irresistible dish embodies the warming scents and comfort of autumn in every bite.

The preparation is a true gourmet experience. Fresh pumpkin cubes are roasted until tender and golden brown, then mixed with al dente cooked pasta. The secret lies in the creamy sauce, which consists of a combination of cream, Parmesan cheese and autumnal spices including nutmeg and sage. Coated with this sauce, the pasta and pumpkin will captivate every palate.

"Baked Pumpkin Pasta" is perfect for a heart-warming one-to-one dinner, but also as a family weekend meal. Try this pumpkin recipe and get inspired by the magic of autumn.

Discover the details of the Pumpkin Pasta recipe1440x960_4_Kürbispasta

5. Pumpkin recipe: pumpkin soup with a twist

Of course, a pumpkin soup is a must in autumn. But why not try something new? This pumpkin soup recipe with peanut butter and chili is a "pumpkin soup with a twist" and will really pamper your taste buds.

This pumpkin soup is so easy to prepare. A generous portion of peanut butter is added to fresh pumpkin that’s been mashed to a fine consistency, providing the soup with wonderful depth and creaminess. A touch of chilli ensures the right amount of seasoning. The vegan alternative of this soup simply omits the cream or replaces it with a vegetable alternative.

This pumpkin recipe is suitable as an appetiser for an autumn party or as a meal on a chilly evening. It provides the classic pumpkin soup with an exciting new touch and will certainly be one of the highlights of your autumn cooking. Try this recipe and enjoy this unrivalled combination of taste and tradition.

A pumpkin classic with a twist - click here for the recipe1440x960_5_Kürbissuppe

6. Pumpkin recipe: a pumpkin risotto to warm your heart

Enjoy autumn magic in a bowl with this irresistible pumpkin risotto. A masterful pumpkin recipe that perfectly captures the fragrances and coziness of this season.

Preparing this pumpkin risotto is a true declaration of love for autumn. Fresh pumpkin is combined into a creamy risotto, together with a delicious mixture of spices and finely chopped vegetables. The combination of Parmesan cheese and a pinch of fresh thyme gives this pumpkin recipe a depth that makes every spoonful an unforgettable treat.

This recipe is suitable as a main course for an autumnal meal but can also be paired, for example, with an autumn salad, fried salmon and shrimp or a beef hip steak. Every bite evokes the joys of autumn.

To the Recipe: Cook the Delicious Pumpkin Risotto Yourself1440x960_6_Kürbisrisotto

7. Pumpkin recipe: pamper yourself with a sweet pumpkin cream

A truly delicious pumpkin recipe that highlights the sweet side of autumn. In this exquisite creation, the rich flavour of the pumpkin blends with creamy elegance into a dessert.

Preparation is effortless. First, fresh pumpkin is cooked and pureed. A pinch of cinnamon, vanilla and sugar is then added to this sweet delicacy. This pumpkin cream is an impressive dessert in so many ways. For a little added kick, you can top this dessert with caramelised pumpkin seeds. You can serve it to round off a festive autumn meal or simply enjoy it as a treat.

Click Here for the Pumpkin Cream Recipe1440x960_7_Kürbiscreme

8. Pumpkin recipe: creamy pumpkin trifle with crunchy pumpkin seeds

This pumpkin recipe is a culinary masterpiece to pamper your senses. This dessert guarantees a taste explosion in your mouth.

What’s more, your senses are even pampered while you’re preparing it. The first step results in a velvety pumpkin cream, which combines the flavours of fresh pumpkin, cinnamon and vanilla. This mixture is laid in alternate layers of airy, slightly sweetened whipped cream and crispy pumpkin seeds.

This pumpkin recipe is great for parties, autumn celebrations or simply as a sweet treat after a hearty meal. Let this recipe take you on a memorable autumnal journey.

Discover the Creamy Pumpkin Trifle Recipe1440x960_8_Kürbistrifle

9. Pumpkin recipe: vegan pumpkin cheesecake with cinnamon crumble

Get inspired by this unique, vegan pumpkin cheesecake. A pumpkin recipe that’s able to convey the joys of autumn into a delicious and animal-friendly dessert.

This pumpkin cheesecake offers you the opportunity to enjoy the aromas of autumn in all their glory without compromises in terms of taste and sustainability. The preparation of this dessert is a real pleasure. The consistency and classic taste of a cheesecake is obtained through the mixture of pumpkin puree and vegetable cream cheese. A pinch of cinnamon gives the cake a warm, autumnal touch, while the crispy cinnamon crumble on the surface provides an irresistible texture.

This pumpkin recipe is a treat not only for vegans, but for anyone who wants to experience the autumn flavours in all their glory. This cheesecake is perfect for cosy autumn afternoons. Dive into this dessert that captures autumn on your plate.

Recipe: Bake an Irresistible Pumpkin Cheesecake1440x960_9_Kürbis-Cheesecake

Autumn is the perfect time to explore the variety of possibilities offered by pumpkins in the kitchen. From breezy pumpkin waffles with honey-cinnamon butter, or creamy pumpkin porridge to delicious pumpkin risotto and vegan pumpkin cheesecake with cinnamon crumble, these recipes will bring autumn to life on your plate. The aromas of the pumpkin, paired with warming spices, guarantees culinary pleasures and a heart-warming atmosphere. Be inspired by these autumnal pumpkin recipes and enjoy the magic of autumn with every meal. Enjoy, and have a wonderful autumn season!


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