EHL Alliance: presenting the founding companies

December 10, 2019 •

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EHL Alliance: presenting the founding companies

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his exclusive network opens the door to all EHL Group entities for its members. The new platform allows professionals to benefit from services and advantages, support each other, and have access to the latest trends, events and innovations related to the hospitality sector.

A year in the making

An alliance is nothing without its members and its aim is to become greater than the sum of all its parts. That is why EHL has devoted the first year of this project to bringing together a variety of industry leaders to set up a solid foundation on which this ambitious project will now be based. Today, EHL Alliance has 22 founding members and provides exclusive access to the expertise of each EHL Group entity; the university of applied sciences, the professional school, the consulting company or the certified schools of the Group, all through a single entry point.

"It was a complex exercise, but we couldn't have hoped for better partners. The founding members of EHL Alliance are ambitious companies with strong values and owe their success to their ability to look beyond the status quo. EHL Alliance bridges the academic and business worlds, and is a forum to share EHL Group's values of excellence, family, respect, innovation and learning," explained Michel Rochat, EHL Group CEO.

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A wide range of services

Members, individuals or companies, join EHL Alliance for privileged access to young talent, networking opportunities, access to training, research or project collaborations. The new structure proposed by EHL offers a common service base, in addition to personalized services based on specific needs.

The development of the EHL Alliance will be accelerated with new members, and its use maximized through a mobile application. It will allow members to connect with each other and interact, access dedicated events and share member news, events and announcements.

To become a member of the EHL Alliance and obtain further information on the opportunities it offers, please contact 

The 22 founding members:

EHL Allliance