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Discover Graubünden: Squirrel forest Lenzerheide

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In a nutshell:

  • Where is the squirrel forest in Lenzerheide?

The Squirrel Forest is located between the Heidsee lake and the centre of Lenzerheide. It can be reached within 3 to 4 minutes walking distance from the bus stop Lenzerheide/Lai, Post.

  • How do I get to Lenzerheide?

You can reach the bus stop Lenzerheide/Lai, Post by public transport in about 40 minutes from Chur train station. The buses leave every 30 minutes. Parking spaces are available right in front of the village of Lenzerheide.

  • How long does the visit of the squirrel forest take?

If you are travelling by public transport from Chur, you should plan on 2-3 hours.


Have you ever had a squirrel eating out of your hand?

The idyllic squirrel forest is located between the Heidsee lake and the village centre, surrounded by a small stream. This is where the small fluffy animals feel at home: trees to hide and sleep, people with treats every now and then and lots of places to bury the supplies.
You will soon see the first ones climbing around trees and jumping over the ground. With a little patience you can get very close to the gentle squirrels.


Tip: Take some hazelnuts with you!


How squirrels prepare for winter

Squirrels rest in winter, but do not hibernate. They can therefore be found in the forest even in cold and snowy periods. However, they are also dependent on food at this time of year, which is why they start to build up winter stocks in autumn. They bury nuts, buds or seeds and dig them up again in winter. They are thus well prepared for the snowy days.


Who else is looking forward to your visit in the forest?

There are other animals in the squirrel forest in Lenzerheide that are as well looking forward to a little snack. If you stretch out your hand with some nuts, it is quite possible that a sparrow or a tit may suddenly sit on your finger.


Tip: chop the nuts to attract small birds.

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