Expand your culinary culture with these Michelin Guide trivia facts

October 25, 2017 •

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Expand your culinary culture with these Michelin Guide trivia facts

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Even in the age of Google, general knowledge still matters. More so if it involves gastronomy and the culinary arts.

We help you expand your general knowledge with How many questions can you answer?

Which country has the greatest number of 3-star restaurants?

Japan has the most 3-star restaurants, with 27 (stats from 2015 as the 2016 guide has not been released yet) As a comparison, in 2015, France had 26. There were 112 3-star restaurants in the world in 2015, almost half of them were found in France and Japan.

Who is the most decorated Michelin Guide chef?

Joël Robuchon is the most decorated chef with 25 stars in 2015, although he held 28 at one point. Coming in second in 2015 is Alain Ducasse with 21 stars. Both are French.

What is the most expensive 3-star restaurant?

Dining among the stars is not cheap! The world’s most expensive 3-star restaurant is Kitcho, located in Tokyo, serving traditional Kaiseki cuisine from chef Kunio Tokuoka. The average price per person for a multi-course tasting menu is between €500 and €600.

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Which country has the most Michelin-starred restaurants per capita?

Switzerland is the most Michelin-starred nation per capita.

When was the first US Michelin Guide published?

The first US guide came out in 2005 for New York City, and was followed in subsequent years by San Francisco and Chicago.

Where is the most unexpected location of a 3-star Miceling Guide restaurant?

Sukiyabashi Jiro wins for most inventive/unexpected location for a 3-star restaurant: the 10-seat establishment serves award-winning sushi by 90-year-old chef Jiro Ono in a basement office attached to Tokyo’s Ginza subway station. A documentary, ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ was produced about the chef and his sushi in 2012.

Which restaurant holds the Michelin Guide record for longevity?

Paul Bocuse’s restaurant in Lyon, L’Auberge Du Pont de Collonges, has held a three-star Michelin ranking since 1965, setting the record for longevity.

When was the Micheling Guide 3-star system introduced?

1933 was when the 3-star system was introduced, and 23 restaurants in France earned the 3 stars. The first one in alphabetic order? Le Chapon Fin in Bordeaux.

Who is the Michelin Man?

Bibendum is the official name of what is commonly known as ‘Michelin Man’ and the company’s symbol, made to look like a stack of tires. This comes from the Latin ‘Nunc est bibendum’ (now is the time for drinking.) It was meant to convey the thought that ‘Michelin tires will drink up obstacles in the road.’ The image was actually taken from a rejected poster by a French cartoonist for a Munich bar in 1898, the original large man in the drawing replaced by a stack of tires resembling a human in shape and stature.

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