How to choose the right School? Tips from students & alumni

February 26, 2016 •

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How to choose the right School? Tips from students & alumni

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Have you read our previous tips? We first discussed location, internationality and size to continue with field of study, employability and academic reputation.

As you will spend most of your time on campus, it is only natural to investigate it carefully. Whether during or after class, so here are the imperatives you should be looking into.

Campus & Facilities

Does the school offer – or perhaps even mandate – on-campus housing or will you be on your own? Does it offer modern facilities? A food court? A gym? What about on-campus services, such as laundry rooms or postal drops?

A good campus should be your one-stop shop for everything you might need to support your well-being and a healthy learning environment. Look for the most complete offer including modern classrooms, library and study areas, student centers, IT and print support, but also athletic facilities, food courts, lounges, laundry services, nursery, cash machine, postal services, etc.

Reading up on accommodations for your potential schools will help, but the best way to evaluate your future living situation is to book a campus tour. You will get a better feel for the campus and the people by visiting the place in person. Many schools offer open days and online "virtual tours".

Anne Treacy-Pelichet, EHL Alumni and admission officer:"The EHL campus is in constant mutation. It is indeed important for us to adapt to the new requirements of the industry and offer an increasingly modern and comfortable setting to the students. These changes however do not take away the spectacular environment in which the campus is situated. And more importantly from my point of view it is a central role in the exchange of values and ideas between students but also with professors and staff."

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Passions & Campus Life

A final, but by no means unimportant, factor to consider is whether the campus has outlets for your non-academic interests to enrich your life.

Committees are a good way to find out the activities in which students engage in, such as Sports, Art, Culture, Entrepreneurship, Social responsibility, etc. They can quickly become a huge part of your life, make you happy, support your development inside and outside the classroom and help you develop your network.

Karim Karouni, EHL bachelor student: "As a school ambassador, I enjoy meeting visitors and welcoming them on campus. What I value about the school is the support it gives to our committees! Here, we have 29 different committees that vary between sports, arts, business, or entrepreneurship. You would be surprised at how many opportunities we have to be involved in our student life!"

Talk to students and Alumni

Nobody knows as much about a school as students who are currently enrolled and alumni who have graduated. The students can tell you about campus life and academics so do not hesitate in contacting them. The alumni will tell whether a degree from this institution fulfilled their educational expectations and how it helped them in their careers. Look for Alumni testimonials online.