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Application tips from our admission officers

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As the end of the school application season approaches, candidates can feel overwhelmed while scrambling the perfect submission that will determine the next four years of their lives. Not sure where to start?

The EHL admission officers have compiled a short list of helpful tips on how to correctly prepare and submit all the different pieces of your application.

Get organized

Most schools propose an online application process. Online applications can be processed quickly and may have built-in checks to ensure all materials are included but they also require planning to have everything at hand and ready. Beginning early is a great way to kick start the process as it gives margin for error, and technical failures do happen. However, if you’re reading this right now, you might be a late starter, and that’s still OK. What’s important here is to not get overwhelmed, take control of your work and your time by devising a plan that breaks down the deadlines.

Put efforts in the tests

Your school application represents one of your first adult choices, because the strength of your application depends truly on the effort and hard work you decide to put into it. As each school has its requirements, your transcripts and standardized test scores is a significant part of your application. However, keep in mind that your overall record will be considered so do not spend most of your weekends test-taking to get that extra twenty points. Instead, spend your time on things that will help you grow as a person: school work, extracurricular opportunities, etc. Like in many schools, EHL also requires an online assessment (with an online video interview) made to examine the applicant’s motivation, knowledge of the industry and soft skills. There is no right answer, so make sure you relax, speak clearly, present well and articulate what makes you special.

Be genuine in your essay

We know that you will want to fit your entire life story into your application essay, but we don’t expect you to. Pick a topic that inspires you and that will give us an idea of who you are. School applications really are about fit, so remain genuine to who you are by using your own voice and reflects what you are passionate about. Have a parent, teacher, counselor, or friend proofread your essays, but don't ask anyone else to write them for you!

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Put forward your extracurriculars

How you engage your community beyond the classroom, demonstrate commitment and leadership can strengthen your candidacy. Your record of extracurricular experiences shows how you will contribute to EHL’s vibrant community. You do not need to be president of an organization to impress the admissions team but put forward the committee you would like to join and explain how you spent time pursuing opportunities that are meaningful to you and have a positive impact on people around you.

Choose your recommendations wisely

Some programs require recommendations like EHL Master and EMBA programs. These tell a great deal about your intellect and character, the way you think and learn and contribute to a classroom or school community dynamic. Make sure they illustrate your progress, your rigorousness but also your potential.

Prepare for the interview

The EHL selection day interview is another way to help your application stand out. Make sure you come prepared, research the school online, the industry and approach each question as an opportunity to show who you are. Tell your story, elaborate with concrete examples, ask questions and engage with your interviewers. This is your chance to put forward your ideas, character, and values.

Finally, your school applications are a serious matter but are also about celebrating the next chapter of your life. Start and complete them with enthusiasm and conviction as these qualities will shine throughout the process and are always a great plus.

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