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Alumni Story: Lina Brunner

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Every time someone tells me how much they like watching us and see that we all have a lot of joy in what we do, makes me very happy. A few weeks ago a guest even drew us during the service.

Please briefly describe your career after SSTH.

After the GFG I worked briefly in some hotels in Zurich, first in service in the restaurant and then in early duty at the bar, but I didn't really feel comfortable in any of them. My former classmate, Ursina, then told me that she wanted to go to England for half a year, whereupon I decided without further ado to go with her. In England I worked for the first time in a bar. Then I came back to Zurich and took part in the reopening of the Atlantis by Giardino and worked there for a year. After the Atlantis I started at the beginning of 2017 at Brick, where I am still happy today.

What do you love about your current job?

That I can live myself to the full. Over time I have developed a passion for cocktails and spirits that I can give free rein to at work.

I also appreciate the contact with people and the fact that we have a very relaxed relationship with our guests. But my team is the very best in my current job, from the owner to our temporary staff.

How do you inspire your guests/customers?

With a relaxed, natural approach and with creative and tasty drinks.

What are the characteristics of a good hotelier-restaurateur?

Down-to-earthness, fairness and respect for everyone who stands before him.

I think it's a pity that there are so many people in gastronomy who are not interested in their employees. The guest is, of course, the most important thing. Unfortunately, many people didn't understand that the employee serves the guest and that the mood is transferred to the guest and the atmosphere, no matter in which direction.

A good hotelier should also not forget that what he learnt at school is not the same in practice and only criticize when he has done what his employees are doing over a longer period of time.

If you think back to the time at SSTH, what do you remember?

My classmates, with some of whom I am still in contact today, and of course the many fun evenings at Stübli.

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What does your work-life balance look like?

I work a lot, but do what I like to do. For me, work is something like a hobby and a duty in one.

What is your leadership philosophy?

I try to remember at every moment that I was at the beginning of my career and was happy for everyone who patiently explained everything to me. I try to explain everything to my employees patiently and if necessary 5 times.

What was the best decision in your career?

The decision to concentrate on the bar.

What advice do you give to current SSTH students?

Be open to getting off the beaten track even after school and follow your instincts.


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