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Alumni Story: Jasmin Karlen

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In my opinion, high performance competence, leadership and hospitality are the most important skills to be successful in my job and in gastronomy.

I am a passionate hostess and enjoy working with people.

As a young Hôtelière-Restauratrice HF I was able to gain my first management experience as a team leader shortly after graduating. This enabled me to join the SV Group directly after a leadership course.

Joining the SV Group is one of the best decisions I have made in my career

For more than two years now, I have been running the restaurant GO in Chur as a restaurant manager. The restaurant GO is the staff restaurant of the Graubündner Kantonalbank and offers a total of 80 seats, a terrace and a cosy courtyard. We are open daily from Monday to Friday for lunch service for our esteemed guests.

In a small team, we do great things every day. In the one-woman kitchen we prepare three different menus, a salad buffet, desserts, soups and other specialities. All dishes are freshly prepared, because cooking is our passion. We pay a great deal of attention to regionality and seasonality and attach great importance to climate-friendly preparation and species-appropriate animal husbandry.

We also offer a wide range of catering services. Whether for an aperitif, a stand-up lunch or a festive occasion - a fine selection of food and drinks makes every event unique.

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Our USP are our homemade capuns and specialities from Grisons

Our guests also greatly appreciate the friendly and cordial way in which we are treated.

My ultimate goal is that every guest feels absolutely at home with us, has eaten very well and enough and is happy to come back.

My plans for the future

I have become a true fan of the SV Group and see myself in this company for the long term. Be it in the management of one of the more than 300 companies in Switzerland or in a position at the headquarters in Dübendorf - that will become apparent in the future.

Why would I return to the hotel and catering industry?

There is seldom an apprenticeship that gives you the opportunity to gain a foothold in so many departments. I myself have already had the opportunity to work in the marketing department of a hotel group and a chalet resort, in the hotel industry in the healthcare sector and now also in system catering.

The same diversity that the departments offer can also be found in the diversity of the people and that is very exciting. And if this is not yet convincing, I always like the idea that we always make our guests happy with our products. Be it an overnight stay in a beautiful, clean room, a fine menu or other services.

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