Alumni Story: Gunraj Singh

June 28, 2019 •

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Alumni Story: Gunraj Singh

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Don’t run after people’s autograph, instead make your’s worthwhile.

I have over 15 years of international and domestic experience including tourism destinations like Switzerland, Miami, USA, New Zealand, Australia and London, UK. I have worked with reputed Indian hospitality brands like Taj Hotels, Palaces and Resorts and the J. W. Marriott before recently joining as Director - Hospitality Services for GNR Creations.

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management  See business through customers’ eyes. Enter the job market with a leader’s  perspective.  Discover how we train our students to put customers first.  Discover

Hospitality Services - GNR's Hospitality Services is a multi-channel Hospitality Marketing company that works with clients as Partners to generate and sustain a base of loyal customers that provide our clients with long-term revenue generating platforms. We specialize in Revenue Management, Customer Relationship Management, Membership Loyalty Programs, Digital Marketing plus In-house Training Programs.

Airline Services - GNR's Airline Services offers a process driven approach to optimize service standards of your aviation business by delivering significant value additions to your operations. Our goal as your aviation consultants is to attain long term gain in operational, training, safety and performance efficiency, leading to the most successful business edge while following the Multi-Region Operations obligations towards the compliance of current regulatory framework standards in relation to their internal policies, procedures and safety practices. 

Art House - GNR's Art House is a collection of a few inspired artists and within this creative community, art flourishes inside the walls of our thriving community's many galleries. We are home to many famed museums and architectural marvels across India and our work represents renowned artists in just about every genre imaginable.