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Not able to visit Graubünden? Then read about it - our 6 book tips

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You are currently unable to be on site and enjoy our campus and the region of Graubünden? Graubünden has a lot to offer, both culturally and scenically!

Immerse yourself in our world with the following six books from and about Graubünden and learn more about the history and region. This could be your new home!

Graubünden selected: A kind of travel guide

from Graubünden Ferien

Browse through selected reports from ten years. The authors have travelled by bike and on skis, on the Rhaetian Railway and by post bus. They rummaged through the history of small hotels and large health resorts, explored the myth of Heidi, visited the favorite places of crowned heads and do-gooders. They have accompanied summit stormers and other record hunters of a special kind. They worked as chambermaids and helped milking on alpine pastures. They have become acquainted with marmot research, traced famous poets and sculptors, and report on the efforts of great idealists to save the original language of the Grisons, the Rhaeto-Romanic, for the modern age.



from Johanna Spyri

Every child knows the story of Heidi. Heidi lives happily with her grandfather on the alp. But the happiness does not last. Soon Heidi is taken by her aunt to Frankfurt, where she is to learn to read and write and keep the sick Klara company. Although Heidi gets on well with her new friend Klara, the girl suffers terribly from homesickness.

Heidi takes her young readers into her mountain world and to the people there. Johanna Spyri has described her adventures in two famous books published in 1880/81. They tell the stories of Heidi's experiences in the Swiss mountains and with the Sesemann family in Frankfurt.

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Chur 1947

from Philipp Gurt

Fancy a thriller? Chur in the hot summer of 1947: a cruel lady killer puts the city in terror. Suspicion quickly falls on a young man who works as a farmhand in a poorhouse. After the first interrogation he flees to the mountains and a merciless hunt begins. But in his investigations, country constable Walter Caminada comes across inconsistencies. The traces lead him to the asylum, but also to the highest circles of the local government - until Caminada himself gets into trouble ...


from Selina Chönz

Der Schellen-Ursli, the most famous Swiss children's book after Heidi. The story is about the customs of Chalandamarz and the simple life in the Swiss Alps. The story takes place in Guarda in the Lower Engadine. The village with its typical Engadine houses is known to many people through the illustrations by Alois Carigiet, not only because of the story, but also because of the extraordinary village image. One might think that time has stood still in Guarda. The book was also filmed, very worth seeing!


from Jürg Arquint

Sandra, the granddaughter of Ignatius, loves to snuggle up in an armchair in her grandparents' cosy Arven parlour and listen to the stories of "the old days" that her grandfather knows how to tell. And so begins for Sandra a two hundred year journey into a surprising, highly exciting past of her ancestors, who lived not only in the Engadine, but also in Tuscany and Valtellina.

111 places in Graubünden that you must have seen

from Christian Löhden

Graubünden is top class. Nowhere in Europe do people live and brew beer in higher places. Graubünden has always been a crossroads of trade routes and cultures. Three languages are spoken here, and in some community assemblies there is even a confusion of languages. Besides beautiful landscapes, Switzerland's largest canton offers many exciting and bizarre places: Find out in this book where the water has to decide between three seas. Walk in the footsteps of the rich and sick in the Belle Époque and listen to hip-hop in the local Rhaeto-Romanic language.


We hope you enjoy reading and relax. Who knows, maybe you will discover these places yourself soon?

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