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The 8 most breathtaking places to visit in Graubünden

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Studying in Switzerland - especially in the fantastic mountain world of Graubünden - means not only work, but also fun, nature and lifestyle.

According to Instagram, we have compiled a list of the 8 most breathtaking places and viewing platforms that SSTH students can visit in their free time in Graubünden and dive into another world.

1. Crestasee

The Crestasee is a real insider tip: crystal-clear water, embedded in forests and a stunning mountain panorama. The lake is only accessible on foot, truly an adventure you should take.


2. Alp Grüm

Off the road, south of the Bernina-Passhöhe lies the small train station Alp Grüm at 2091m. From here you have a wonderful view of the Palü Glacier, the small Palü Lake and the Grisons southern valley of Puschlav.


3. Tektonikarena Sardona

The clash between the two continents of Africa and Europe has piled up the Alps. In the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Tectonic Arena Sardona you can marvel at how layers of rock were superimposed, folded and broken.


4. Heidi village & Heidialp

Explore the roots of the world famous Heidi story and visit Maienfeld, the village where Heidi is said to have lived. Those who want to go higher can also visit the Alpöhi (granddad) high above Maienfeld in the Heidalp.


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5. Bergün

Graubünden is home to some of the world's most beautiful railway lines. Visit Bergün over the Bernina route, which leads high up to glaciers and over old viaducts back down to the palm paradise of Italy.


6. Engadine

The Engadine, one of the highest inhabited valleys in Europe, is situated in a wildly romantic and sunny environment. The charm of traditional Engadine houses and the elegance of large hotels of the Belle Epoque immediately take you back to a time when the world is still in order. In addition, there are many mountains and valleys to discover.


7. Poschiavo

Give in to the Italian charm in Graubünden and visit Poschiavo, with its stately patrician houses and genuine cuisine.


8. St. Moritz

St. Moritz is not just a place to spend your holidays. The village is the birthplace of Alpine winter tourism (1864) and the scene of two Winter Olympics. However, it originally owes its importance to the medicinal springs, which have been known for 3,000 years and made it a summer health resort early on.


Graubünden is the place to study hotel management and dive into tourism at it’s finest. Do you have any more suggestions and ideas for an unforgettable trip in Graubünden?

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